Dust mask cleaning method is introduced

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-19
1, clean with warm water and soap first slowly rub gauze masks, cup mask also can dip in with soft brush brush net detergent slowly, then wash clean with clear water. Warm reminder, try not to strain to rub, because if only gauze fabric gap is too large to lose the function of prevention droplets. 2, disinfection will wash clean masks in the aqueous solution of 2% peracetic acid soak 30 minutes in boiling water for 20 minutes or in boiler steam for 15 minutes, then drying and set aside. This kind of method is mainly used for gauze masks and cup mask. 3, check again before the application, shall carefully check whether disposable masks and mask is still intact, for gauze masks and the mask can be used in a light penetration test, the former care to get the lamp, take a look at the presence of obvious spot, middle part and the light transmittance edges are consistent, if there are doubts to replace the new one. Whatever you do, masks in clean after 3 to 7 times often update, particularly good quality masks can also clean 10 times. Activated carbon filter type mask should note not replaced periodically activated carbon sandwich, if activated carbon sandwich can't be replaced, used 7 to 14 days to change, this kind of mask can't be clean before reuse.
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