Dust-proof gauze mask is

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-20
Generally speaking, in order to make a mask to produce effective protection to the body, so the mask of the specifications of the has certain requirements, it must cover the nose and mouth, make the person can breathe free, in general, the size of the adult gauze mask is 18 * nine more, and the size of the gauze mask to 15 * 9 children. Gauze mask is produced by using non-woven fabric, this kind of material do not need to weave, is composed of some fiber bonding, often made into 2 layer masks, 3 layers and layers of activated carbon masks, etc. Gauze mask can effectively prevent the fine dust in the air, especially in 2. 5 micron, cut off dust efficiency is especially obvious, because the particle size of dust can directly into the alveoli, the effects on the human body health is the largest. Gauze mask after the use of the principle is when dust gauze, passes through layers of block, and the dust will be adsorbed on the gauze, so that fresh air into the respiratory system.
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