Europe and the United States women's clothing factory how to manage the clothing material control?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-20
Material consumption is at present a lot of clothing factory a big waste, which often appear omissions, complement, owe number, scrap, etc. , and the loss of many often happen again. The reality is that the ground fell a button the boss see will pick it up, and many lost a bag of zipper factory management are not important, the last write list for material processing. These problems, garment factory owners love dearly and helpless. If factory can strengthen management, these unnecessary loss is greatly reduced. www。 dnj99。 Com the wastage of the dongguan hong yu clothing factory workshop material management can be from get to place, distributing, monitoring, storage, inventory of five aspects. 1, material receiving and placed to receive: when receiving material should first check the quantity, quality, specifications, colors, count do good good receive procedure, claim should be recorded after. Place: pick the material according to the date of use, number, number classification placed, and marking. 2, material issuing material issue as far as possible with the method of quantitative batching issue. For example, if the goods have 60 zipper, extend only to 60, or by the day, the budget office material user on the day of the required materials, and then according to the number of issued to him, can also according to the specification, a certain specifications of all materials used by a person, so will be distributed to him all this kind of specifications of the material. Quantitative batching issue is the main means to control material, can do clear goal, the number of clear, responsibility implementation in place. Once found super consumption, can accurately know the super consumption quantity, find out the reason of this super consumption over consumption of responsibilities, is a effective way to prevent abnormal material loss. But a ration shoulds not be too many, too much can lead to custody difficult to user, imperceptible when lost, also not easy to count when counting. 3, material monitoring material in traditional Chinese medicine using process monitoring, special attention should be paid to: improper operation caused by the material loss, often damaged ribbon, terminal such as rework, and custody inadvertently lead to material loss, scrap material using the wrong cause material loss and zipper for example big yards in the code in the garment, tolerance, let go up can be used, but wait until the zipper car in the yard, clothes were telescoped, without scrap! 4, material saving to temporarily has not used the material to site and material box or material frame takes care of the deposit, deposit when yao were placed according to the model number, specification, marking, designated transceiver or special custody, other personnel shall not move without permission. 5, material inventory and inventory statistics is not only the products, and is not products, doing and did not do the regular counting number remaining, to check whether the presence of loss and super consumption quantity, have lost, more or less for unqualified material or scrap material, the remaining material should be reasonable processing. Substandard material or artificial damage cause scrap material should be replaced in a timely manner after make up, and make the loading record registration. Surplus materials at the end of the whole single goods sure don't need material, to classified number of register, and then returned to the relevant departments. To have custody of material should be stored on its own. Foreign trade clothing factory new spring and summer 2019 falbala splicing lace fishtail dress
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