Europe and the United States women's clothing manufacturer - Clothing factory brand research

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-19
Hong yu clothing as Europe and the United States' OEM factory, introduction to garment factory brand research. Clothing brand research. With the high quality product do foundation, clothing brand naturally have a solid foundation. With independent brand of clothing factory in the market research, you also need to attach importance to research on brand development, main contents include brand positioning, brand market share, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand image, etc. Brand positioning is a clothing brand can be an important factor of market success, the research mainly inspects whether clothing factory of clothing brand positioning and consumers' psychological cognition are consistent; Now it fits the positioning and product level; Clothing brand positioning is effectively convey to the consumer; If existing clothing brand positioning does not accord with market demand, the garment factory should be how to adjust; After the adjustment orientation is in line with the target market demand; Directly decides the clothing factory clothing brand market share of the profit level, the stability of the market share is the key to ensure the garment factories have been developing steadily. This aspect of the research is mainly focused on market share fluctuations, Europe and the United States' OEM factory think we can through the way such as professional research institutions and industry reports to get market information, and then analysis, find out the specific reason for the objective existence, and promptly take effective measures to improve. Clothing brand awareness is the precondition of brand recognized by the market, this survey focuses on the target consumers familiar with the situation in the brand, which they can in the shortest possible time the dress brand recognition or recall. Clothing factory can be compared with other brands survey to measure its own brand awareness, such as Europe and the United States women's clothing brand investigation, you can enumerate several brand name, let the consumer according to their familiarity with sorting, thus learned that clothing brand power in the eyes of consumers. Brand loyalty is one of the most important aspects of the clothing brand research, it is depend on the consumer of the product use feeling and purchase experience and form, is to ensure that the clothing brand the key to achieve long-term stable market demand. Clothing brand loyalty involves two main aspects: the behavior loyalty and emotion loyalty. Behavior loyalty refers to the consumers in the real long-term loyal to a clothing brand or consumption activities will actively promote the brand and its goodwill told to more consumers in the brand, including the purchase rate, the recommended rate again, shortage of loyalty, brand communication degree four indicators. Emotional loyalty is the basis of a clothing brand and the consumer's personality, lifestyle, attitude, values, such as consumers to the brand a, feelings, take it as a friend, and in the absence of the friends he will feel what is missing in your life, it belongs to the highest level of brand loyalty.
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