European and American fashion street, administrative style switch at random! ! !

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-19
Autumn winter season is playing levels, layers and layers of overlay, not very heavy, administrative levels clear, can be very fashion can also be very warm, the collocation of the administrative levels has been loved by fashion of people, a combination of formal feeling and fashionable element, let you temperament soared straight, can wear all sorts of circumstances, joker index higher you can't believe it! Next let hong yu small make up teach you! A bright blue clothing collocation, deserve to go up inside take is pure white bud silk, with khaki windbreaker coat, whole feels very formal administrative levels feeling, career with leisure and look very tasty. Reduction of age and fashion. Within the black denim shirt on collocation, deserve to go up long coat pattern bright color, with light color fastens jeans, administrative levels clear and depth color, optional collocation also is no pressure. 's not too cold in the south, plaid blazer also can match shorts and short skirt, show off your beautiful legs. Style and western style. It snows in the north is also can match, grey hooded baseball uniform, cowboy with collocation add wool coat with fastens with color hole, the whole grey system, plus a beige jacket do echo, coat color effect with handbags are. The feeling of overall cultivate one's morality, and is not heavy. Cool wind is easy collocation, simple black sweater as lining, with black and white plaid shirt, plus a fur coat, easily with high heel boots, jeans and black whole smartly,
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