Even the civil servants don't want to miss the open a shop selling han edition dress

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-02
Garment for us to have different feelings, may be the reason we all need to wear, there are a lot of people can't help falling in love with the apparel industry, and now the Internet all kinds of popular clothing to sell goods on a commission basis, only to register a shop, we will be able to have their own clothing store, so open a shop on the net that is the easy things, there are a lot of people may take it as a part-time job, of course, there are a lot of people is treated as a job to do, I think that's why online clothing store so many of the important reasons. To work for us to take the time to go to the taobao shop, that also is normal things, after all, to finish their work time is free to arrange it. And there was a time when we see the civil servants to work time at taobao shop on the Internet, and their job well, it looks serious, after all the other things to do before you should finish your work ah, recently have a revealed that there are some labor bureau of civil servants to work of time open online store, and the bureau office telephone after-sales, Revelations have posted online screenshot. Shown on the screenshot, the owner of the shipping address is labor bureau office address, leave the agency office is the telephone number of the telephone. Log in fact revealed by online stores, found that the online store is still exists, although has the credibility of a drill, but is small, the whole shop only 19 kind of goods, mainly han edition dress, then log in want want to see its means of communication, found that the leave telephone is still the labor bureau office telephone, playing the past wiring, they said the super-ministries after the merger, area labor bureau has merged with district personnel bureau for the district bureau of human resources, the phone is now entrepreneurial guidance service window of labor employment service center, wiring is working for the ministry of personnel, they said yesterday afternoon to reveal more leadership appointment has been made but the inconvenience. The staff said to leading trading is false, all is in order to improve the credibility of online stores. Primary verification by the bureau of human resources, the parties concerned to subordinate institution staff, identity for employees. It is further investigation processing. I just want to say that staff member's way too big of courage, although han edition dress very fire yourself tempted to do agent in recent years, but after the telephone and don't leave the unit, they own not free to leave a phone number to do after-sale, also is not to say that after the phone must be to machine. Now the net friend is very clever, a clue can dig out the background of who you are.
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