Fabric? Hidden in the ancient silk verse!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-24
Real silk fabrics, it is relative to the case of emulation silk fabrics, generally refers to silk, mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava, silk, etc. It is a very expensive fabrics, widely used in clothing, furniture, is famous for its hard care and comfortable breathe freely. Its close skin is unmatched by all other fabric. Silk in 15 categories: spinning, crepe, satin, satin, yarn, ROM, wool, silk, georgette,, ge, didi, silk, silk, paintings. In the modern range of textiles, silk is one of the oldest textile, everyone can follow hong yu small make up look at the sentences related to real silk in ancient Chinese poetry. Hong yu garment falbala horn sleeve splicing with chiffon blouse crepe: crepe HongSha crystalline, yi ride flying dew wet: satin brocade cloth present, kirin fall scissors twill: the half red gauze zhang ling luo: all Luo Qizhe, not sericulture kam: into the wet bead curtain, curtain, fox fur robe warm jin could not thin Gregory: early autumn night, cool light deceives, ge didi still give didi robe, should flow Fan Shu cold silk: this year the flawed woven silk, silk to Simon tomorrow. In the blanket silk, silk: city dou m think Xu Ning theory of two phase straight sheet sheet silk damask is like? Unlike ROM gauze and Wan yee; Hong yu clothing euro dollars led printing blouse
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