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Fashion Must Haves For Autumn

Fashion Must Haves For Autumn


Style gurus have been looking at ways of adding sparkle and bringing a bit of zest to peoples lives, and so sequins are a big scene this autumn. Anything that shimmers and sparkles is in - dresses have been adorned by celebrities such as Katie Price. If you're not quite so brave as to go out like this then wear sequin dresses over leggings or jeans.

Sequins will be seen on all items though, so don't limit yourself. There's blazers featuring sequins to fit any style - from all over to more subtle paterns. The same applies to tops - choose the amount of sequins that will fit your personality.

There's several looks that were big in the 1980's that have been taken by designers and updated for the modern lady. The first of these is the female jumpsuit, either shorts style or with harem pants. Great for a night out clubbing, team up with a chain belt to pull in at the waist. Finish off with several bangles and either killer heels or gladiator boots.

Ballerina skirts have returned this year. These layered net skirts create volume and shape, and make the wearer appear playful instantly. Monochrome colours are best for the ballerina skirt this year. Wear with a printed t-shirt, another of autumn's essentials, or bodysuit, add some pearls, and team up with either a blazer of biker jacket.

Which brings us to the biker jacket. As well as paired with short skirts, biker jackets look good over skinny jeans. Black or brown look best, although other colours suit, such as red, white or grey. And don't presume they must be leather, but look out for fake leather, thick cotton twills and other synthetic materials.

Biker jackets commonly have studs, which ties in with the sequin look. And many have taken on that 80s look of the shoulder pad - but these are more subtle than the days of Dynasty to give shape rather than building up the shoulder.

If you need a dressy look then you need the printed dress. Again monochrome works best this autumn, but rather than strict patterns you are looking for a more abstract design. Again, smarten up with a subtle sequin blazer or add that racy look with a biker jacket.

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