Fast fashion brand by quality problem

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-27
Recently, the Beijing consumers' association in Beijing mall sales part of the trousers to compare the test products, found H& M, FOREVER21 fast fashion brands such as quality problems. Beijing consumers' association, points out that appeared quality problem in the comparison experiment of two brands are fast fashion brand, due to the production, market cycle much faster than ordinary brand, the quality control of this kind of brand needs to be improved. Quite a few famous fast fashion brand the familiar detected the quality problem. G - STARRAW brand jeans did not indicate any Chinese information; h M brand jeans samples dry friction resistant colored fastness not up to standard; FOREVER21 brand jeans sample PH value more than the national standard requirements; Individual sample fiber content index was flawed. Hong yu clothing factory is how to solve this problem? As fast fashion brand MISSIGUIDED, TOBI and SUGARHILL fast fashion brand processing factory, we have 15 years experience in trade, production and international brand OEM experience play a key role. Hong yu garment continue 70 - Hong Kong Traditional clothing OEM in the 80 s, to attach great importance to credit and quality from supplier selection, all the way to the QC and each ring is not to take shortcuts, stable and mature supplier quality can be ensured, the fast fashion materials and brand material is consistent, to ensure that the fabric color fastness, wear resistance and safety. Production and test all along the traditional brand production and inspection method of every link, to strictly control the quality of clothing, responsible for the customer and consumer.
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