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by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-27
Recently, ZARA how eating times the size of the global apparel brands, how controls a all over the world more than 80 countries, with more than 7000 stores in the vast network of moment holds the global fast fashion. How to implement in China's apparel industry one-size-fits-all swept clothing network news headlines, clothing industry is worth pondering, 2 - why ZARA can in The new 3 weeks on the new 50000 pieces, ZARA is how to do so quickly catch vogue and fashion miracle? Graph one: JASI& CO fashion long and elegant wine red spring 1, rapid response, when movie or television media in the new popular element, able to quickly respond and some fresh elements of innovation and imitation, and shorten the popular trend of recognition to cater to the trend of the new cycle of fashion to the store, at the same time, fast to capture customer preference and quickly to make clothing, can timely grasp the best time to create sales miracle 2, fashion to capture, which requires excellent designers shuttle between all kinds of fashion show, or access to a variety of fashion. Bar, show, fashion week fashion forefront keenly capture the latest fashion elements with the fashion trend. In addition, collecting fashionable element is the best place to shop, because only in the store to understand customer needs. Stores provide sales data, and then submit it to the store manager, store manager after finishing the results to the design department, design according to customer demand figure 2: JASI& CO, refreshing and silky cardigan two-piece design a style 3, and then to be submitted to the business sector to assess the costs and prices, then started playing board production. Since the consumer demand for fashion is changing, the information collected from the store is time sensitive, so. This means that designers no longer decisive for the design, but need to insight into the psychological needs of consumers, it is a perverse design concept. 4, strong logistics, abandon the traditional way of general logistics and shipping, to logistics investment, and establish a suitable for his way of logistics and logistics system, providing goods shelves quickly figure 3: ASI& CO fashionable new fashion rayon crepe suit above is fast fashion brands can learn and improve, and decided to fast fashion brand can walk far, walk good point, hon yu garment factories introduce Australian fast fashion brand JASI& CO and prepares for the DOUBLE CRAZY fast fashion brand is hard work and practice, especially JASI& CO, we have a strong design team, Australia, Europe and the United States for many years fast fashion brands tiepai processing cooperation, can rapid response and catch the latest pop elements and trend, and its own version of the room and plant resources, rapid response and garment production, greatly shorten the fashion cycle and the new new period, fast fashion brand & ndash; — The most urgent system & other; Fast & throughout; Hong yu JASI& with independent brand of clothing; CO, DOUBLE CRAZY will continue to fast, bai, see more JASI& CO fast fashion sheet is tasted, please lock in http://www. dnj99。 com/
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