Field clothing tail goods wholesale international garment city grand palace gate

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-06
Field grand palace gate international garment city is Beijing grand palace gate region to undertake business in professional clothing wholesale market, city &qingdao in baoding field new town fumin road intersection, and the kernel -- the belongs to the field of the prosperous commercial center zone. Garment city a total construction area of 1 million square meters, will create grand palace gate brand industry service platform, depending on the field of commercial accumulation and solid industrial foundation, from a functional layout, service facilities, brand development, the promotion of operation and so on each link, set up the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei modernization, specialization of operation platform, realize the grand palace gate - — Smooth transition between the field transfer of industry organization. Field, one international garment city grand palace gate is 30 square meters of clothing market, the 2nd phase of 700000 square meters, also contains 5000 acres of industrial land. After the completion of the project will rich field professional market in new product category, Beijing clothing operators, improve existing products, to let the city hub, xiong county, AnXin industry to provide one-stop business service platform, realize the field third industrial upgrading. In addition to retain the basic elements of the grand palace gate brand, city &qingdao in appellation design, functional layout, service, brand development and promotion of form a complete set operations such as with the original business model, to establish the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei operating platform, to achieve the grand palace gate field smooth transition between the transfer of industry organization. According to field grand palace gate international garment city merchants block B, the distribution of the formats appeared new characteristics: nearly 200 households in Beijing tail goods merchants into three layers, the tail goods supply mode from the current warehouse into market transaction mode, using field market resources, making the first tail cargo base of Beijing. The tail goods merchants have in Beijing, shijiazhuang and other places to operate the tail cargo commodity trade for many years, in the Beijing grand palace gate, day day, red star, hand in hand, and many other market in Beijing. The tail goods merchants group in field grand palace gate international garment city, block B, the means of specialized market and stronger tail goods. Opened field at the same time, the grand palace gate international garment city area B, also set up hangzhou grand palace gate clothing special supply zone, hubei chang down jacket sale area that turn over season, brand clothing discount area set the baby Mary beth, mann, flower of tobacco, braga, hui fang, west shadow Diane hundred clothing brands, such as injection for field clothing market brand vitality, increase the field grand palace gate costumes diversity provides multiple choice for consumers.
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