Ganzhou clothing wholesale market of cheap and good goods

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-05
1. F international garment city ganzhou bamboo-shack road bamboo-shack road f international garment city is one of the focuses of nankang investment promotion project, fu industrial co. , LTD. Invested by macau road, covers an area of 153 mu, planning construction area of 100000 square meters; The first phase of the 402 sets of shops have been sold out; The second phase of the 391 sets of ( Between) Shop has been basically completed, and began to sell, to February 28, the first to enter the market operations in 438, attract outside the nankang clothing dealer, 125; The third phase of the project is being planned. The entire project completion, stores reached more than 1000 sets, manage door can reach more than 600 after two years, three years later to hand in taxes may exceed ten million yuan, is currently the only through the modernization of large-scale clothing professional market. F international garment city road location is superior, the rational layout, complete facilities, convenient transportation, favorable policies, popular, is the star big market, rich achievements. Bamboo-shack road f international garment city is located in 323 national highway and bamboo-shack jinjiang hotel residence, fu industrial co. , LTD. Invested by macau road, covers an area of 153 mu, planning construction area of 100000 square meters. 2. Ganzhou city WeiFu market in ganzhou city WeiFu market is located in jiangxi province ganzhou city WeiFu, main: commodity department. The market facilities, convenient transportation environment around. Inside the market is very prosperous, fruit, food, clothing and a stands next to a vegetables, especially during prime time every morning, the formation of stream of people because of the crowded move slowly, abortion among others pushing a bicycle, riding a motorcycle, even with almost unable to move the bus, especially crowded. 3. Ganzhou are mall ganzhou dragon mall, formed a hardware appliances, footwear, department stores, textile products, the four categories of large comprehensive wholesale market, annual sales of 3 billion yuan, profits of 30 million yuan. Main products: hardware appliances, footwear, general merchandise, textiles and other comprehensive commodity department. The inside of the shoes which this market is more, all kinds of styles of shoes. There is a lot of wholesale socks and so on the market.
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