Garment enterprises to reduce production costs to accelerate layout of south-east Asia

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-19
What enterprise transfer factory to southeast Asian countries in recent years, the news is a dime a dozen, it was also really have a lot of enterprises have begun to put the enterprise production base moved to there, especially the low profit of the enterprise, like clothing they also move his own clothing factory over there, on the other side of the production cost is much lower than in the domestic, and clothing production process also should not too hard, not only the domestic enterprises began to layout, and Japan also have the original factory in China's enterprises to there. Mitsubishi plans to invest 6 billion yen before 2016, seven new joint venture factories in Indonesia, to Japan and Europe and the United States clothing enterprises to provide OEM ( OEM) 。 This is because these asean emerging economies compared with China, lower labor costs and tariffs. Nissin spinning holdings will be in Indonesia factory introduced new textile and garment processing equipment, plans to 2015 annual production capacity will be shirt 10 ~ 20%. In the future more and more Japanese companies are planning to replace the country into the main clothing production and processing base in China. Japanese men's clothing chain, castle peak business also plans to open a directly factory in Indonesia before next spring. In the field of garment and textile, Japanese companies cultivate production base of examples in Indonesia is increasing. SAN Yang chamber of commerce in Burma began production of women's clothing brand down jacket for 2 stores. Long down coat with fur in a few places, for example, in Japan's sale price is close to 30000 yen ( RMB 2402) Compared with the production in China cost can reduce 5000 yen ( RMB 400) 。 Men's trousers, etc in the future production will also be transferred to myanmar. In a department store brand as the main products of the same Japanese TSI holdings co. , LTD. , also plans before the year 2015, will present the southeast Asian production ratio of only about 10% up to 30%. Casual clothes and sportswear production will transfer from China to southeast Asia. In China's production ratio is about 60% of Japan's world clothing company ( 克里斯托弗) Also plans to shift production parts to Vietnam and other places. Due to other foreign fast fashion, the influence of the rise of cheap clothing brand, consumers are becoming more critical to the requirement of the price. As a large clothing manufacturer sales channels, the Japanese department store clients are flowing to department stores and fashion, as of last year, sales have 15 years in a row of year-on-year decline. The situation for the clothing company, clothing in such aspects as design with high added value also have to be sold at a lower price.
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