Garment enterprises: why do you want to continue to be put into use automation cutting bed?

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-22
Dress as a traditional labor-intensive industries, and is the increasing of the orders, is the restriction of Labour costs, one side is rising labor costs, a variety of combination of clothing manufacturers increasingly overwhelmed, the birth of automatic cutting bed, enterprise automation equipment manufacturers began to try. Is the power of them improve production line, now the cost of choose and employ persons is higher than with machines. In the automation equipment, in order to grab an eye most automatic cutting bed performance: factories, companies, garment factories, enterprises continue to input automatic cutting bed can see today how attractive automation is! D& J hong yu garment details, perfect quality, the birth of every dress is to detail the perfection of grasp to improve cutting efficiency. Automatic cutting bed cutting efficiency is in commonly 4 to manual cutting bed Five times, the same work efficiency on the premise of saving more than half of the skilled workers to reduce the error probability. Automatic cutting bed in CAD template set automatically according to the plan under the condition of cutting, manual cutting generally do not occur cut size, the phenomenon such as sliding vane. Improve the workshop safety coefficient. Manual cutting on portable cutting machine, typically a cutting bed need two or three cutting master, each a portable cutting machine, also need to take protective iron gloves. Handy cutter blade often need to change, need someone to collect old blade replacement new blade. The length of the blade after 30 cm, very sharp, manual cutting machine of the existing two workshops, there are 27 pieces of blade and old blade, respectable. Automatic import blade cutting bed, although expensive, but the service life is long, and bring their own special grinding equipment, greatly improve the cutting efficiency and reduce the security hidden danger since factory, hong yu garment has been using cantilever cutting tools for cutting cutting machine, electric scissors, etc. Along with the increase in orders and order to improve the garment quality requirements, the cutting equipment cannot meet the needs of production. Hong yu garment automatic cutting bed also, and believe that we can promote change and meet the demand of whole goods, has the fastest speed and good products to complete the order, will be able to pass & other; Mileage & throughout; Create profit, yield, quality can be. Reach a certain amount of ascension.
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