Garment factory to save the cost of mass production resulting in a decrease of clothing styles updated

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-17
We all know that factory production is usually mass-produced cheaper, clothing is no exception, of course, the number of each style production more so the overall price will fall, is the main way design production staff of single garment production process more more understanding, can be more efficient to complete the production, and is the mass of fabric stock can let merchants also lower the price of shipping, 3 it is if clothing for dyeing and printing will also increase in number and reduce the cost, but there a lot of mass production clothing to reduce costs, and just only considering these for me. We usually is a clothing factory in when I answer the order according to the quantity to determine the price of clothing. So there are a lot of garment factories are willing to larger orders, and some brand clothing is also the production is to reduce costs a lot of clothing. May also is the reason why this can we have a large inventory of crisis today, but for the cost of control is, everyone should consider some garment factories are only according to the normal production plan to production, if in the quarter, sales of clothing more than normal, may produce a certain amount of inventory, so sometimes they do some activities to digest inventory, if clothing inventory too much pressure can cause factory, may be updated versions of the season will reduce the clothing, or is to reduce the production of clothing styles, there are careful friends find some clothing styles, there were fewer than in previous years, one season at 20 - some of the store 30 new models, but this year will be less than normal half has up to ten style. Clothing shop high inventory and impact, now many clothing enterprises to reduce costs, increase production and reduce the cost. For example a style only produce 500 before, now with the production of 1000 pieces or more, make each dress cost reduction. It also affects the garment's ability to upgrade, I now feel clothing products renewal speed slower than in previous years. Original market environment is bad, the new is not necessarily good pin, so a lot of manufacturer is selected in the best-selling style again go out slightly modified.
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