Garment industry in 2015, summary and analysis

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-01
At the end of each year, each industry will have corresponding year-end summary and report. Through these reports and data, we can for the industry what happened in the past year review and reflection, garment industry is no exception. Garment industry began shuffling process, a large number of garment factory collapse, and dongguan hong yu garment factories in & other; The shutters tide & throughout; In the unceasing innovation, positive enterprising, out of a belong to their own path, in an impregnable position in the clothing industry. Both domestic brands and foreign brands, each put up the shutters are not accidental events. Clothing brand the shutters, simple terms related to brand itself and the market environment. Different stages of the market environment is subject to many factors, the brand should be according to the market changes, timely adjust. Chinese clothing market downturn is no longer a fresh word, the famous clothing brand in addition to & other; The price & throughout; , does not seem to have too many other adjustment, the waves in China & other; The shutters tide & throughout; Is the great taboo. This kind of situation for continuously deeply & other; The shutters tide & throughout; Clothing industry, there is a lot of warning: does not big brand can't the restriction of the environment. In this case, the garment industry began the process of ebb tide, today, although & other; The shutters tide & throughout; Continues to play, but clothing brands, such as dongguan hong yu clothing factory Jasi& Co, reverse thinking, to break out of it.
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