Garment industry reshuffle to deep spirit need to build

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-31
Hong yu clothing is a women's clothing OEM manufacturers, at the moment of the apparel industry reshuffle is going deep, & other; Innovation & throughout; And & other Seiko spy & throughout; Can do, largely determines the development of a brand in the future. 'OEM factory small make up that with the emergence of various kinds of clothing brands, especially with the rise of the price advantage of fast fashion brand, almost everyone can cheaply dressed in the most popular styles, so if only value style, fashion has become all the common clothing brand, right now, consumers need most, should be further & other; Throughout & quality and innovation. The request, and only & other; Seiko spy & throughout; The spirit of craftsman in quality and innovation is the implementation of the primary factor. Or it can be said that the domestic garment industry is the most lack the spirit of the craftsman. If, before twenty years clothing industry as a whole in explosive growth stage, so the past 10 years, the golden period of the rapid growth of the garment industry has become the past, rely on copying foreign brands, the barbarian growth already can not adapt to the development of garment industry. , according to data from the 2015 national key large-scale retail enterprises apparel retail sales rose 0. 5%, compared with last year fell 3%, continue to temper its growth trend. Apparel commodity sales price fell by 3, 2015. 6%, since 2003 the key large-scale retail enterprises clothing price fell for the first time. But falling prices has brought the clothing sales increase greatly. 2015 national key large-scale retail enterprises of various clothing retail sales rose 4. 3% growth year-on-year increase 5. 1%. , so to speak, say goodbye to the explosive growth of China's garment industry has entered a stage of steady development. And, like all industries, when an industry in the phase of high explosive growth, in which the enterprise will all attention on the sales and profits, to care the internal structure adjustment, production optimization and so on in the short term will not bring benefits of reconstruction, and once after into the posing development, enterprises may be the target from the blind pursuit of high yield phase adjust, medium and long term strategic positioning and internal adjustments, is also the process of the industry reshuffle. Now, garment industry at this stage, the adjustment of good, can adapt to the new demand of enterprise will reduce the risk of wash off, even can also by endogenous type or growth of denotative expanded scale, improve business efficiency, achieve new development; Not timely adjustment, there is no clear strategic objectives, is still continuation of the previous extensive mode of growth of enterprises, that part will be washed out by the ebb tide. So, how should adjust? Accurate brand positioning, intensification of control management, channel change system of these natural are indispensable. In addition, under the background of Internet penetration depth of the People's Daily life, give full play to the characteristics of the online mode, the building in conformity with the Internet's thinking direction of electrical goods brand are also. But more importantly, whatever mode transformation, for the clothes themselves, quality is the most important forever, just like no matter how widely and quickly, the new media channels are still insist on & other; Content is king & throughout; The essence of the same, as a commodity, shed all kinds of fancy marketing after packing, we will want to look into the quality of the clothes. Moreover, with 70, 80, after becoming the mainstay of consumption, consumers could say that this generation has certain economic foundation, and has a certain aesthetic grade, they are becoming more and more rational mature consumer groups. In women's clothing, for example, in 2014 China's women's clothing consumption, the high-end, midrange and low-end market scale growth of 28 respectively. 48%, 20. 62% and 17. 43%, with the growth of the most powerful high-end women's clothing market. Benefit & other; Throughout her economic &; Women under the age of increased income and consumption concept upgrading, industry analysts in high-end women's clothing industry is expected to continue to lead the women's clothing and even the whole garment industry. Thus, women's clothing OEM manufacturers think personalized high quality clothing is the most popular with the main domestic consumers.
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