Garment industry | south-east Asia manufacturing can really 'instead of' made in China?

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-01
Want to learn more about foreign trade clothing ODM, Europe and the United States women's clothing OEM, dongguan foreign trade clothing processing, clothing OEM processing, the bud silk dress factory processing advice please attention & other; Hong yu garment & throughout; As the escalating trade war, foreign fashion companies investing in China are southeast Asia countries, such as the transfer line of Cambodia, to avoid the tariffs cost increases, caused by & other; Cambodia throughout manufacturing &; May fit & other; Made in China & throughout; , as a new mark fashion products. Dongguan foreign trade clothing factory hong yu clothing, bloomberg reported earlier before the u. s. -china trade war open, positive and decentralized supply chain fashion companies and factories in southeast Asian countries, as an alternative factories in China. Now, after a trade war broke out, China products will be to impose high tariffs, such as handbags, this makes southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam are attracting investment of national consumer goods manufacturers. Although the United States government impose tariffs for many large trading partners this year, but it is still allowed to Cambodia last part of the goods duty-free access to the U. S. market. The American clothing footwear association ( 美国服饰& 鞋类协会) Executive vice President of la mar ( Stephen Lamar) Said the change ( Refers to the production line to move out of China) Already in progress. Tariffs make investment company in China & other; They are worried & throughout; , they can is evaluating how quickly to make a change on the source of supply. The American fashion industry association ( 美国时尚行业协会) According to a study released in July, although all to participate in the study of the products obtained from China, but 67% of the company expects in the next two years to reduce its amount of the value of a product or production in China. Steve Madden, American fashion footwear brands have early step will handbag production line from China to Cambodia. The company this year will be 15% handbag factory produced from Cambodia, and the proportion to double in 2019. The company CEO rosen reinfeldt's ( Edward Rosenfeld) Said the company for three years earlier than most peers, because many of his peers are now trying to move production out of China. And their main handbag factory are already there, and capacity will also be expanded. The causes of foreign investment in Cambodia Cambodia in emerging markets consultancy ( 柬埔寨在新兴市场咨询) To provide investment advisory services in southeast Asia. The company manager Ross mullen ( Matt van Roosmalen) Said: & other; Cambodia does provide good investment reward, such as tax holidays ( 免税期) 。 As long as the tariff exemption continues, the company will be more temptation, investment in Cambodia production. ” Even before the u. s. -china trade tensions, Cambodia on the handbag, briefcase, and leather bags and other products will enjoy duty-free privileges, it is one of the United States to assist the revitalization of low-income countries economic development plan. At present the trump ( Trump) The government remains the policy. In addition to the threat of a tariff increase, China's rising wages is also forcing foreign one of the reasons for departure. In contrast, Cambodia still is one of the countries with lower labor costs. Oxford economic research institute, 牛津经济研究院) Estimated that Cambodia's labor cost is only a quarter of China.
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