Garment industry to abandon the 'traditional' mode to improve science and technology innovation capacity

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-30
Apparel industry is not only a traditional industry, but also the technology industry, each production link of penetration through the contemporary science and technology. Today, in the rapid development and progress of science and technology, the clothing industry also is striding forward with the pace of The Times, constantly improve the technology content, get the advantage of the new era. Dongguan hong yu clothing factory as a modern clothing enterprise integrating industry, combining with the advantages and characteristics of traditional and modern, innovative and enterprising, always walk in the fashion. Traditional textile clothing industry faces & other; Transformation & throughout; As the southeast Asia textile industry booming and the rising cost of labor on the domestic, domestic textile encountered unprecedented & other; Cold & throughout; , combined with recent years, the rise of fast fashion clothing industry consumption increasing, clothing style of the accelerating change and the market demand for clothing constantly improve the quality and quantity, the traditional textile enterprises gloom, now the textile industry transformation is urgently needed. Garment industry science and technology innovation, management innovation is not only is a traditional industry, population intensive industry, it is the technology industry, every link to be able to reflect the new science and technology, it is also the future development trend of industry. Behind different enterprise has a lean and efficient operation system, the dongguan hong yu garment factories through continuous research and optimization, formed its own unique set of production system: the leveling of just-in-time production, automated production, production, by eliminating waste to reduce costs. In addition to optimize the mode of production management, the employees incentive management to the enterprise development also has a vital role. Dongguan hong yu clothing factory emphasize practice & other; Full of wisdom & throughout; , encourage employees to put forward Suggestions, implement rewards, employees in order to achieve self-management, happy work management effect.
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