Garment processing for you to explain different industries for the choice of clothing for men

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-26
To the men of different industries, the choice of the clothing also is different, the following garment processing to explain different industries for you men for clothing choice: 1, lawyers, lawyers in most orthodox rigorous self-serious, give a person a kind of sense of credit and confidence. The most suit for the navy and the suit, single breasted, and only ironed, keep the crease some, give a person the feeling of neat and clean and polite. Old lawyer multi-select British style. Three heads together, will not change is change at any time, because they think the manner is very important. Young lawyer is more pay attention to brand, like a beautiful Italian easy suit, exquisite fabrics and work, also have a feeling of success. Lawyer multi-select white shirt, it has credibility symbol, not allowed off buttons, leave the room out, will put on your coat and buckle on the button. Tie with stripe pattern or mostly choose warm color to move, and must be of the head of a famous brand. Shoes are elegant black leather shoes, appear sedate in style. With the popularity of fashion, some changes have been made dress young lawyer. More recent is in a blue shirt. It is said that the blue can make themselves to keep a good mood. Their quality and brand of clothing at the same time more attention, they are gradually towards the fashion, they have the ability to do this. 2, journalists, they are fashionable gens, fashion information they get, they also have the condition to purchase the popular clothing, can go to the brand stores or buy when on a business trip abroad. They don't like those guys wear colorful foreign companies. So, they pay attention to brand, is a design, is the quality of a material, is to work and is all about comfort, stick put oneself feeling, sense of details, can show their delicacy and elegance. They often jacket and pants suit is beautiful, separate is tie-in, can wear out another kind of taste. Suits are three button, shirt and fashion color is more, the selection of leather shoes in black and dark brown give priority to, also have other colors and styles. They have to work and leisure share very clear, so the dress is more careful meticulous. Due to the journalism separate exquisitely, the differences between them is obvious. Television stations in the mirror and the director like blue and warm color to move in the way; Field staff must not carry, and advertising and sales, are actually wearing a suit; Production personnel is more freedom, lapel unlined upper garment, jacket, a pair of the artist's habits, but still pay attention to the brand. The popularity of 3, bank staff don't mind into it, solemnly wear to wear a suit for many years, looks more timid people, are often the staff working in finance. For professional features and working pressure, the bank staff generally like in a white shirt on single-breasted jacket navy and gray suits, deserve to go up again with small decorative pattern such as simpler tie. It is not uniform from industry, but shows the formality and their default of work pressure. Banking men almost no differences in age, color, design is about the same, may be stable again like orthodox bosses, young people are the inconvenience overdress. Because of the influence of the professional for character, although they also pay attention to fashion and brand, but the more cultured is cheap and fine, so domestic of the head of a famous brand and discount suit became a good choice. The discretion of the position, however, also made their dress nuanced. 4, advertisers on a hot day in a suit and sweat in the hustle and bustle of people on the road, mostly advertising practitioners. The number of advertising performance from the customer, so, the industry competition and hard to be self-evident, the customer's trust is very important. Advertising business dress is formal, usually for the navy and gray suits, more popular style, not personality characteristics, white shirt, with dark tie, so easy to withstand picky customers. Copywriting and designers is much more relaxed, sitting in my office, wearing striped shirt, dragging the slippers, plus a fat, long pants, comfortable and casual. A go out to do business, but also have to slightly formal, personality can only be hidden. In fact, advertising is planning to fashion, now fashionable culture also gradually popular here, young people also pay attention to the brand style, personalized clothing has also make public. 5, foreign enterprise staff this group is younger white-collar gens, dress up, all is a handsome young man.
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