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by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-18
Hong yu garment factories for fast fashion brand garment processing for many years, the fast fashion leader in ZARA are curious why can always keep a leading position, the following garment processing small make up to analyze the reasons for this. 1, rapid reverse shall appear in the new movie or television media popular element, ZARA relies on a few days time can finish top star costume or clothing master creative work. From recognition to cater to the trend of the fashion trends place to store the new fashion, ZARA just two weeks, and the traditional production mode to up to 4 - this cycle 12 months. Therefore, Zara in fast moving consumer goods field created the myth of a supply chain & ndash; — ZARA design 1 every year. 80000 new styles, average every 2 to 3 weeks will be able to have the new shelves, it can be done 7 days production strategy, 14 the ark, 30 days. Each year about 50000 new fashion. Another fashion brand GAP, a year can only launch a 4000 model. Matching is, of course, the design of Zara, hundreds of designer work unknown, an average of 20 minutes to design a dress, it's is H& 4 - M 6 times. Therefore Zara in fashion no ability to respond to you, so how Zara is accurate to collect the fragmentation of the fashion elements? 2, capture Zara fashion designer is a typical & other; Trapeze & throughout; They often travel by plane, between all kinds of fashion show, or access to a variety of fashion. Therefore ZARA's design was inspired by a large number of distribution in the bar, show, fashion week fashion forefront, in general, some top brands of the latest design has just come out before long, ZARA will release and these designs are very similar fashion. This design method can guarantee the Zara follow the fashion trends. Therefore, every year the Zara to those top brands pay fine tens of millions of euros. Zara does not give up this design pattern & ndash; — Zara earn profits are much higher than fine. In addition, collecting fashionable element is the best place to shop, because only in the store to understand customer needs. Stores provide sales data, and then submit it to the store manager, store manager after finishing the results to the design department, design a style design according to customer requirements, and will be submitted to the business sector to assess the costs and prices, then started playing board production. Since the consumer demand for fashion is changing, the information collected from the store is time sensitive, so. This means that designers no longer decisive for the design, but need to insight into the psychological needs of consumers, it is a perverse design concept. Although so ZARA is not the first advocate fashion, they can rely on the shop to collect the present popular trend, with the fastest speed make the present popular real actors! Some say & other; ZARA is a monster, it is the designer's nightmare & throughout; Because ZARA's quick response will no doubt make big design of overflow value is reduced greatly. Because no matter how big the clothing, from design to which the cycle of at least six to nine months or longer, so they have to try to predict what is going to pop a few months later, the sale will have how old, the result often is unsalable goods left a lot of, selling and not fill in, could only watch good sales opportunity pass. 3. Few people know that Zara logistics warehouse ( Is amazon's nine times) , the door of the warehouse there will be countless trucks twice a day to transport the products to the rest of Europe or the airport. Zara in terms of logistics, all remote transportation is plane, and not by ship. They are willing to pay high freight and don't want to pay the cost of advertising and marketing. ZARA's distribution system is also developed, about 20 kilometers of underground belt will ZARA products shipped to deportivo coruna goods distribution center, the center has a very mature automation management software system. In order to ensure that each order arrive destination, ZARA use optical tools for product inspection, read per hour can pick and sorting of more than 60000 pieces of clothing. Logistics center delivery trucks based on fixed departure schedules, constantly to all over Europe. ZARA and two air base, usually chain stores in Europe could receive the goods within 24 hours, the chain stores in the United States need to 48 hours, Japan between 48-72 hours. Under the intervention of informationization means, ZARA delivery accuracy as high as 98. 9%, and the error rate is less than 0. 5%. Despite the high cost to pursue the fast, but ZARA advantage through other ways can still make the gross margin and net interest rates are still and H& M, and ZARA also doesn't want to come to save the cost in order to improve the profit margin. ZARA is more focused on fast, sensitive reaction speed, to all the fashion brands and retailers are unprecedented height. Just because of Zara's reaction speed and design speed, and logistics have very big breakthrough, so all of Zara's headquarters warehouse clothes won't stay for more than three days, the store to the headquarters in order to complement the product twice a week, inventory turnover is higher than other brands of 3 - 4 times.
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