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by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-26
Article is to popularize the knowledge about the silk fabrics, garment processing small make up today and brought about the characteristics of silk, learn together! First of all, comfortable. Due to the pure silk is made up of protein fiber, has excellent compatibility with the human body, together with a smooth surface, the friction coefficient of stimulus to the human body is the lowest one in all kinds of fiber, is only 7. 4%. Therefore, when we contact with the skin soft and smooth and exquisite silk, it by its unique soft texture, according to the curve of the human body, considerate and comfortable care of our skin, so clothing factories will use a lot of time to this kind of fabric. Second, sound-absorbing, vacuuming, heat resistance. Silk fabric has high porosity, thus has good sound-absorbing and inspiratory sex, so in addition to make clothing, can also be used for interior decoration, such as silk carpets, tapestries, curtain, wall cloth, etc. With silk adornment to decorate a room, not only can make the room spotless, and can be quiet. Because the silk has wet, wet absorption performance and moisturizing, inhale and porous, still can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, and can absorb harmful gas, dust and microorganism. In addition, the thermal denaturation of silk fiber is small, more heat. It when heated to 100 ℃, only 5 ~ 8% embrittlement, while most of the synthetic fiber thermal variation to 4 ~ 5 times larger than silk. Silk of combustion temperature at 300 ~ 400 ℃, flame retardant fiber, and the synthetic fiber combustion temperature at 200 ~ 260 ℃, which are flammable, fusible. Therefore, the use of silk fiber as raw materials for the interior decoration, not only can sound-absorbing, vacuuming, heat preservation effect, and a flame retardant function. Third, suction, put wet sex is good. Silk protein fiber enriched in many amino ( - CONH) , amino, - NH2) Such as hydrophilic groups, and due to its porosity, easy water molecular diffusion, it can absorb the moisture in the air, or moisture, and maintain a certain moisture. Under normal temperature, it can help skin retain moisture, do not make the skin too dry. Wear in the summer, but also will flush out the sweat and quickly send out quantity of heat, make the person feels cool and clinking. It is because of this performance, make the real silk fabric is more suitable for direct contact with human skin, therefore, people put the silk clothes as one of the essential summer wear. Silk has good heat dissipation performance not only, still have very good warmth retention property. Its heat preservation due to its porous fiber structure. In a piece of silk fiber has many tiny fibers, and these tiny fiber is made up of more small fiber. Seemingly solid silk, in fact, more than 38%, therefore, is hollow, there are a lot of air in the gap, these air prevents loss of heat, make silk has the very good warmth retention property. Fourth, resistance to ultraviolet light. The tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet light, so the silk has good anti-uv function. The ultraviolet light is very harmful to human skin. Silk, of course, after the absorb ultraviolet light, their chemical changes will happen, so that the fabric under the irradiation of the sun, easy yellowing. Fifth, and glass rod friction can make glass rod positively charged.
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