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by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-26
Garment processing - Hong yu garment today to bring the knowledge of the silk fabrics, silk is a kind of textile products, made with synthetic fiber or silk, filament, synthetic fiber, silk or rayon plain woven or knitted into the floorboard of the textiles, especially silk weaving textiles. Raw silk as warp and weft yarn, woven into the whole process of silk fabric, is the silk weaving process. All kinds of silk fabric production process is not the same, in general can be divided into two categories, well knit and woven. Raw fabric is warp/weft wire without refining dye made from fabric first, called the silk, and then will be grey silk dyed products. This kind of mode of production of low cost, short process, is the main way to use in the production of silk. Cooked weave, is refers to the fabric silk dyed before weaving, the billet after woven silk does not need to then through refining dye into finished products. This way is used in the production of the advanced silk, such as tapestry satin, taffeta, etc. Before weaving, clothing factories still need to prepare the small make up remind, such as to soften sericin impregnation, can improve the performance of the product and came silk and silk, and warping, winding, etc. At the same time, due to silk moisture absorption is strong, but also to do a good job of moisture. Silk production use of automated looms are: used in the production of synthetic fiber filament fabric water-jet loom and in the production of multicolor weft jacquard rapier loom. Silk fabric can be divided into simple complex from the designs of flowers and plain weave fabric. Jacquard jacquard fabric is also called the flower fabric. Flower fabric is divided into small fabric and two large decorative pattern fabric. Flower fabric is refers to the application and the joint organization of fabric, the fabric surface to present small decorative pattern or article. Changes in organization, the organization is to point to in sanyuan organizationally click add some form of organization. The coalition is refers to the combination of two or more than two change the base of the original group or organization and as a new organization. Big pattern fabric or fabric, is used some kind of organization is, in which one or more different organizations, different colors, different materials of decorative pattern. Fabric a geographic pattern cycle number many, may be hundreds or even thousands of root, therefore, can only be weaved in jacquard loom. Colorful silk is the crystallization of the dyeing and finishing process of refinement. Printing process in the production of silk has a pivotal position in the process. Because only by adopting the technology of dyeing and finishing, can follow one's inclinationsly will our favorite color and pattern is perfect to white base, so as to make the fabric more full of artistic breath. This process includes refining of raw silk and fabric, dyeing, printing and finishing four processing working procedure, the above content by garment processing Hong yu clothing bring you, hope you also have to silk fabrics and lots of understanding. Plain fabric & quot; Plain & quot; As the name implies, is not & quot; Flowers & quot; , without any modification. From the surface of the base of the original tissue pure white, no pattern of the fabric is called plain fabric. Based on the base of the original organization, in a point by the organization or an organization that weft point, along the longitudinal or transverse or increasing group of the same fabric at the same time, makes it the organization change, in the composition of this fabric is also known as plain fabric. Plain change organizations including the rib, weft rib changes, square, flat, square, still maintained a plain weave characteristics; Twill change organization including strengthen twill, composite twill, reverse twill, broken twill, twill, slow twill and shadow twill, its surface is still maintained a twill weave characteristics; Satin change organization includes strengthening satin, satin, satin shadows.
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