Garment processing to know how many warp knitting fabrics

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-23
Garment processing for the warp knitting knitting fabric to know how many? Below small make up for you on: 1, warp knitting fabric: mainly used for winter coats, men and women dust coat, coat, trousers, such as fabric, fabric drapability is good, easy to wash, fast drying, wash and wear, but in the use of electrostatic accumulation, easy to absorb dust. 2, warp knitted velvet fabrics: surface villus thick, thick, feel plump, soft, elastic, warmth retention property good, mainly used for winter clothing, children's clothing fabrics. 3, warp-knitted fabrics: cloth was flat, bright color, has the branch of thick and thin. The thin fabrics mainly used for shirt, skirt; In thick, thick, can make men and women in the clothes, dust coat, jacket, suits, pants, etc. 4, warp knitted fabric, this fabric has a feel plump body fast thick thick, cloth, elastic, moisture absorption, warmth retention property good, loop structure is stable, with good performance, mainly for sportswear, collar T-shirt, pajamas, children's clothing and other fabrics. 5, warp knitted mesh fabric: use mesh fabric quality of a material is frivolous, elasticity and permeability is good, feel smooth and soft, mainly used as the summer men's and women's shirt fabrics.
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