Gas dust mask and choose the correct way of using the technique

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-24
The spread of influenza a (H1N1) global, gas dust mask is very important, the right way to wear can respirators a human life, how to the right way to wear can be the most effective protective measures. 1. Put on the gas dust mask is must wash your hands before, because the pm2. 5 masks to avoid bacteria of the hands to touch on the mask, so that hand washing is a key step. After wearing, to feel is plastered with your facial masks, nose and chin are covered, so it is very good dust mask to protect the nose breath, avoids the nose of contact with the outside world. 2. If have masks worn in accordance with the first step to set up, don't use hand to touch mask surface, in order to avoid the bacteria to touch on the mask, if there is no way to contact the mask, so still need to wash clean before and after contact. 3. After using gas dust mask, can't let the mask to come into contact with bacteria, be very very careful, because if this part of the infected with the bacteria, that would have on your life, so must be careful to remove. Then it is completely for the purpose of, the bag put the mask in a safe, and then put them dedicated the trashcan, waiting for medical personnel to handle. Gas dust mask, of course, the gas also not everyone can wear dust mask, have the following symptoms of the crowd is prohibited flat wear: 1. People with heart problems or have difficulty in breathing system ( Such as asthma, emphysema) 。 2. Ten months pregnant, pregnant women. 3. After wearing the dizziness, difficulty breathing and skin sensitive person. So how to choose a suitable masks? The choice of gas dust mask mask has three principles: 1. The efficiency of gas dust mask to prevent dust. If the efficiency is not high, bacteria are very likely to enter the body, to the person's harm is very big. 2. Masks the shape design, and a person's face must conform to, so as to perfect the open air separation plant, to reach 100% of the protection function, make people more regular breathing and a sense of security. 3. Storage must be convenient enough, convenient store to better use. 4. Enough beautiful, wear convenient, comfortable, only convenient to wear, comfortable enough to allow the wearer to work and study better.
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