Golden horse clothing trade city, guangzhou city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-08
Guangzhou golden horse clothing trade city is located in the guangzhou shahe clothing business circle leading position, is located in the martyrs east road, shahe street and 溓 springs road interchange. Adjacent to nearly easily hot 'south' clothing wholesale market, the north has wide garden road is passed from the market, but on the inner ring directly to the train station, province bus station, travel time is less than 20 points, after multiple bus route. Advantageous geographical position. Golden horse clothing trade city services and facilities in place. Three square has more than 20 hand-held elevator, goods elevator to each floor, channel spacious, equipped with all central air conditioning, automatic monitoring system and other supporting facilities, to create a comfortable purchasing environment for procurement and merchants. Golden horse, also can saying is hubei people do here before south side, too. Hubei is very shrewd in business, they do cost of goods than others always low ( There are many insider) 。 When it comes to their imitation version or other conflicts of interest, hubei women fight too much, don't take each other's hair is pulled to the ground, never give up, don't face to the villagers. Used to be a lot of hubei province in the south side, with the rent over there ran up they are gold horse's side. Left side many main imitation of the south side, different markets you get others can't. So you see in the south there good sell version must come and golden horse here and see, can't say in this way, you can find the same style clothes golden horse side certainly cheaper than south. The whole building to 18 Around 30 years old, leisure dress; With pajamas, children's clothing, mainly distributed in the first floor; Each floor of categories is not very clear, each floor, T-shirt, dress, shirt, shorts and so on. Today to examine the guangzhou famous golden horse wholesale markets, crowds chung eyes see flowers, around the whole morning, ask around the dead tired ah, I'm going to open a taobao shop, so went to the dead. Return taxis can't stop, he had to sit motorcycle, felt like a peasant into the city, in excess of the soil. More than the goods inside the super golden horse clothing wholesale market. Super a lot of people go there to take goods, goods is low, but feel there golden horse is closed at two o 'clock, I go to later casual stroll, will soon be closed. Golden horse market the inside of the goods is not so good, but the price is cheap, I have ever been to before, the goods of design is good, but the quality is bad, as long as money is popular this year. Bus routes: 1. From guangzhou walk about 80 meters to the train station in guangzhou railway station station take bus 175 ( 3 stops) , 501 road, 3 stops) , 508 express ( Shift less) ( 4 stops) 2 at the baiyun district hospital station. Walk about 550 meters to the golden horse clothing trade city. Note, please pay attention to the following line details: 508 express ( Shift less) ( No more than 30 minutes) 2. Taking a taxi, a total of 1. 7 kilometers, about 10 yuan. Note: the information is for reference only, not as payment basis, is not included in the cost of tolls and bridge tolls, factors such as traffic jam may make the cost increased significantly. 3. The train from guangzhou east station walk about 530 meters to give up station bus 27 ( 3 stops) 2 at the shahe street station. Walk back about 220 meters to the golden horse clothing trade city
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