Good clothes do you should continue to do the clothing business?

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-19
Now business is very bad to do, last season's inventory clothing if still can't get rid of in October, basic is the closet pressure for a year, a garment factory investors said, pointing to a mountain of black bag. These during the spring and autumn in the bags are not sold inventory clothing, including t-shirts, creative unlined upper garment, etc. Random open one bag, with all sorts of fun and fashionable originality short-sleeved shirt was in stitches of network language, it is these seemingly should sell clothing, however, has become a serious backlog of inventory. As he is an example of this is not a two, when many plants are in good order for not over, the beginning of the end of the year's orders are full, now is don't get the list. But also have the success of the transformation, are now in the critical period of transformation, is also a throes, all sorts of problems after the reform is to gradually surfaced, need more wisdom and patience to solve. Clothing looks very simple anyone can do, in fact now is hard to do everything, only when you are in the feeling is so competitive. I think as a businessman, your attitude is not straighten, business failure, all push to the objective reasons: low profits in recent years, the market is not good, and not familiar with the priority of the industry, is first should adjust attitude, in addition to reform just open the years business good do a little, then what will never to do business, the market is bad is the norm. The next thing to do competitor analysis, which business is several competitors than you last year, they have what advantage? They have the advantage of can you, if you can't have, you have what advantage can replace or compete with them? What are the advantages if no clear rivals, suggest put business first, get a peer work, until you can analyze why the other successful, but why don't you? There will always be a lot of development in adversity good enterprise, so how do they do it? We can combine the problems of its own to summarize, you can find out the solution, so that the business become no longer difficult.
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