Guangdong dongguan shilong xihu clothing wholesale market, clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-09
West lake clothing wholesale city since December 09 decorate and started the investment promotion work. Mall, building area of 28900 square meters, currently opened two layer, a business area of 15000 square meters, total investment 50 million yuan, currently in the business of more than 400 units have been let. End of the mall will be completed the development of the third and fourth layer, and further perfect the internal function of form a complete set, efforts toward becoming dongguan and the pearl river delta region 'brand clothing distribution center'. Through to upgrade the traditional clothing wholesale business, with the old market dislocation complementary business, to cultivate their own core competitiveness, and strive to become the dongguan the first-class specialized clothing wholesale market. Dongguan shilong xihu clothing wholesale market is located in shilong town, dongguan city, guangdong province, the west lake, the main clothing. It is a new clothing wholesale market. Located in the commercial center of guangdong - Shilong town, dongguan. In huizhou, guangzhou zengcheng, dongguan three city at the junction, traffic, radiation pearl river delta. Railway, highway transportation is very convenient. Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, Japan, South Korea area manufacturers, information developed. Market since February 2006 investment absorbed in Hong Kong, guangzhou, shantou, henan, hunan, anhui, fujian and other places of factory management approach. She formed the product display wholesale platform. Power operators diversionary measure, injected new vitality to the shilong clothing wholesale, shilong big jade-like stone clothing wholesale city, developers and operators of the & # 8212; - 'Dongguan city beauty jade-like stone property management co. , LTD. ', 'dongguan city ying clothing wholesale co. , LTD. ', is mainly engaged in large-scale commercial real estate project development and management of the professional company. Company in 2005, the development and management of big jade-like stone wholesale women's clothing city has from the traditional trading to new orders, and is getting ready for the opening of the big jade-like stone Oriental international trade city, covers an area of more than more than 10 square meters, can accommodate 2000 manufacturers and merchants. Establishment of the Hong Kong institute of fashion technology, at the same time, the company hand in hand to the Hong Kong institute of fashion technology dongguan big jade-like stone, and guangdong humen jade-like stone clothing research and development center. And in accordance with the ISO9002 standard and international standard implementation, has realized the centralized purchasing, information LianWangHua, operation standardization, unified image of chain operation mode. The stationed in shilong, big jade-like stone company will with its solid strength and advanced concept, will forge a dongguan shilong big jade-like stone clothing wholesale city leader in the field of clothing wholesale market in the east. Dongguan shilong surrounding multiple clothing wholesale market wholesale market around west lake. Building five layers can be used by the business area of more than 10000 square meters, the first floor area of more than 3000 square meters, the first planning among more than 130 shops, for clothing, apparel, accessories, daily necessities wholesale merchants. Shop floor unimpeded, each street location, thousands of m2 in field. Three set beauty, office services, fourth floor, fifth floor hotel room 70. Bus routes: is located in dongguan shilong district bus station is close, so I can walk. Shilong 4, also can take a bus to the west lake clothing wholesale market.
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