Guangdong province dongguan humen children's clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-07
Humen commercial center specializes in children's clothes market of guangdong gold section too sandy path China children's clothing city, shopping mall in children's wear brand, with merchants are in and out of the coming and going, and busy. According to Zeng Guohui store manager, south China opened in September 2005, children's clothing city's main children's clothing wholesale. Since the opening of the market, attracted the more also, fashion family, very than fish, textile park, pavilion, little angel brand into the doll. Humen specializes in children's clothing store in addition to guangdong outside China children's wear, and compare with rich children's clothing city jinhui, according to the store manager will introduce Zhao Pu, rich children's clothing city jinhui and enjoys a fame as the China's no. 1 fashion wholesalers of the prosperous commercial building Bridges. Founded in 1993, a business area of more than 6000 square meters, more than 200 shops. Mainly engaged in medium and high-grade children's clothing, leather handbags, zero concurrently. Goods from baby clothes, children, ZhongTong, big boy, baby products to exquisite handbags leather, many brands. Store is mainly engaged in secondary and third line brands, from this year, orders, business is good. Lies (to the) east of silver dragon road of big jade-like stone international clothing city, from last year to 4th floor layer do children's clothing area of 8000 square meters, to the brand has appropriate hair, rice bean, in accordance with the name, baby pig, etc. , in addition, the store also in 6 buildings with 5000 square meters, set up children's wear brand office, attracted a good child, clever fish,! Fang, proud, the wind of the fat, the clever and brand. In humen wing road, silver dragon road, the reporter saw many brands in the store on either side of the road, forming a influential humen baby clothes across the street. See refurbished in wing road, humen simmering lai children's clothing city, the reporter consulted related in a department store is located in the 7th floor office director, she tells a reporter, humen lai children's clothes and reform of city is the original children's clothing humen town, covers an area of more than 3700 square meters, from the negative on the first floor to the third floor all children's clothing, the mall since last December, decorate by merchants snapped up more than 200 shops, the store can be opened at the end of April. A few days ago, the humen pictet avenue is a specializes in infant and maternity clothes stores have begun to investment promotion, this is called: name and purchasing, penetration in the supplies in the city of the total project covers an area of 1. 10000 ㎡, the project's first phase, a total construction area of about 5. 6-50000 ㎡, the office for the project 16 floor, position type office building for clothing creative industry center partners, a total construction area of 40000 ㎡; The commercial part positioning penetration supplies market, 1 - A total construction area of about 4 layer 1. Will build 50000 ㎡, after the completion of south China, the pearl river delta chief penetration supplies professional market, for penetration supplies terminal retailer's product supply base in south China. This fully shows that humen clothing market has begun to take the path of market segments. Humen children rely on innovative design, excellent quality, unique color occupy the market, in guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and has agents in more than 40 cities. Company last year, according to the needs of brand development, adopt new retail chain combination of development and market both at home and abroad, is now in yunnan, Harbin, xinjiang, guangdong, hebei, lianyungang, ningbo and other 16 provincial and second-tier cities set up specialty stores and counters. Through the annual China ( Humen) International garment fair online sales, has so far attracted Thailand and merchants to come to discuss, in the Middle East brand trend is very good.
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