Guangdong province dongguan humen clothing wholesale market and enriching the twin cities

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-08
China fashion city humen clothing business circle pattern usher in change, in humen gs and beijing-zhuhai expressway exit, headed by rich twin cities real estate project is put into operation in succession a batch of clothing. The high starting point, high standard of humen clothing business project will create 'new ring expressway clothing business circle', directly promote dongguan, even the south to send clothing industry upgrading. Rich clothing twin cities located in the prosperous new business circle core, grand appearance beautiful, majestic architecture, it includes more than 30000 square meters of fashion clothing purchasing trading center, more than 10000 square meters large outdoor parking lot, and more than 30000 square meters of high-grade commercial office buildings, more than 20000 square meters, a senior business hotel apartment, more than 10000 square meters, greening landscape, large area of logistics land, as well as for leisure, entertainment, activities such as interpretation of the first falling humen clothing culture square, and so on. The gold traffic hub, gather its popularity, the pearl river delta area. Rich locates in humen clothing the twin towers gold traffic hub, convenient transportation, influence all over the world, guangshen highway, the guangzhou-zhuhai high-speed, Chang Hu high-speed, 107 national road crosses several reach; Adjacent to the new humen car passenger station at the same time, the light rail station in the future. The radiation radius of 1 hour to cover the entire pearl river delta area, industrial cluster is only 60 minutes to guangzhou airport and only 30 minutes from shenzhen airport and only 60 minutes from Hong Kong port, only 10 minutes from humen port, only 30 minutes away from dongguan railway station, only 60 minutes to guangzhou railway station, only 200 m from shenzhen inter-city light-rail humen trade city station. Convenient traffic will make 'the prosperous clothing new business circle' of carrying large amounts of pearl river delta logistics, abortion, accumulate its popularity, wealth treasure will continue to rise. Humen enriching the twin cities in order to speed up the humen clothing industry upgrading, from the clothing city to fashion city sublimation. Twin city layer, B layer, layer, three four of five layers of clothing purchasing trading center, a layer of the main business fashion women's clothing; Mainly engaged in foreign women's clothing on the second floor; B layer of main business tide women's clothing, children's clothing; On the second floor is mainly engaged in humen brand ladies; Three layer is mainly engaged in fur, men's wear, etc. , four or five layer factory hall. The prosperous clothing twin cities, written the prosperous wealth new legend! Project proudly at humen new core business circle, with the development of international fashion trend, continues the humen updating and upgrading of old business circle, in a large scale, points out the planning, a high starting point to introduce the international brand clothing, synchronization with the international fashion, strength to build the pearl river delta region of high-end & # 8221; Fine ladies & # 8221; The twin cities of the fashion. With a total area of 30 square meters, of which the project - 1 to 5 layers for commercial, 6 to 20 layers for office and business hotel, is a collection of clothing display, trade, catering, leisure, office in one of the one-stop international procurement center. Humen twin cities and the prosperous commercial center is face to face, the push in recent years, the business center now traffic is also in unceasing increase, the two big apparel market has brought a lot of advantages, now communication is very convenient, the town a lot of buses passed through here, so you can come here to have a look at, maybe there will be more suitable for your garment supplier.
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