Guangdong province dongguan humen clothing wholesale market citi chain stores

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-08
The most prosperous commercial area is located in humen, silver dragon road is located in humen town, in humen commercial street, the town bus station, for the business district of a piece of stream of people and economy. Humen city chan fashion building is a fashion commercial building has six floors, covers an area of only 500 square meters of small stores, 1 / f, with about 50 commercial shops, part business store covers an area of 25 square meters, there are several decimal shop covers an area of 10 square metre only. The second floor is market sale field, 4th floor is 1 local clothing brand company. Including commercial stores mainly operating women fashion clothing, the brand most sources are from humen local clothing brand, also have the decimal from home and abroad have a famous clothing brand. Operating the price of the dress is in the intermediate level, is a retail store the main operating way, also can undertake wholesale trading, market commodity prices in the majority in the 100 - 300. City chan although near where I live, but I also is less to go, but there are still in around one or two times, here is what you say, the clothes fashion generous belongs to high-grade products, if you want to buy clothes, here also is right choice, the clothes here is retail and wholesale as one of the commonly. Now we are more and more high to the requirement of clothing, not only from the choice of fabric, more from the design of novel degree and the probability of malfunctions are many of us consider it. So many people want to wear a good-looking and some people don't willing to spend heavily to buy clothes to wear. Do clothing business and the store view together, there are times when you first saw the dress if you like, may also have a lot of people like. Indeed city chan dress, pretty is fine, sometimes I passed by the street outside, there are a lot of clothes like, but I'm not willing to spend heavily to buy clothes, is it far away. But each have each a love, there are still people afford this layer, some people just don't wear a few yuan's clothes. We do the friend of high-end clothing city chan is perhaps you purchase a good channel.
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