Guangdong province dongguan humen clothing wholesale market (yulong small commodity wholesale market Yulong small electric mall)

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-08
Dongguan humen clothing wholesale market can also introduce about the same, there are times when we wholesale clothing, always have to find some accessories such as there is some retailers are looking for shopping bag, convenient for guests to buy the clothes of packaging. These things can be found in we have small commodity wholesale market. Humen only a small commodity wholesale market is the yulong small commodity wholesale market. Yulong small commodity wholesale market is small commodities wholesale leading enterprise in dongguan area, dongguan, shenzhen, huizhou business circle radiation such as the pearl river delta region. Store humen core business circle, adjacent to the fashion city of the Yellow River, the big jade-like stone city &qingdao, enriching people shopping malls, and many other garment city. Coordinates with traffic big wing on the station in close proximity. Yulong small commodity wholesale market, a total of four layers, with a total area of 2. 50000 square meters, after more than five years of careful management and hardware and software upgrade for many times, now attracted including guangdong, zhejiang, fujian and other nearly thousand merchant business at the same time, is a set wholesale, sales, office buildings, which integrates modern exhibition center. Yulong small commodity wholesale market in 1 to 2 for jewelry, boutique, lingerie, gifts, toys wholesale market, there are red apples, wei hua, plough and other brands. Three main household act the role ofing is tasted, home textile products, leather bags, etc. ; Four layers for senior office buildings, the existing China cotton, Rudy silk, ZhuangJia and other brands. Most businesses have small commodities wholesale for more than 10 years experience, low prices, luxury and comfortable environment. Yulong small commodity wholesale market occupy the advantage of humen core business circle, with the enterprise itself and financial strength, advanced management experience, focus on building dongguan commodity leading business image, strive to become the pearl river delta region class is high, the supporting facilities is perfect, forms the rich commodity manufacturers selling wholesale center. Yulong small commodity wholesale market place investment advantage analysis commercial center of city commercial center business the leading position of the whole category management humen only specializing in small scale, complete varieties and professional wholesale market, leather clothing accessories one-stop shopping fill the blank of the humen fashion and accelerate brand upgrade five years mature business, commercial atmosphere after nearly five years of operation, gathered from yiwu, fujian, wenzhou and other places nearly thousand power merchants. Items including embroidery, jewelry, boutique, gifts, leather goods, underwear, toys, household items, etc. , five years of mature management, development prospect is self-evident, yulong small commodity wholesale market is the dongguan scale, variety complete, affordable professional small commodity wholesale market. Stick to garment industry, industry, business opportunities unlimited upgrade humen clothing brand slogan, and transition from wholesale to brand, big difference is the design of the product, seriation, tie-in sex. Humen yulong clothing research and development center was born. Humen clothing enterprises three thousand, annual output of two hundred million pieces of clothing/set, with annual sales of one hundred stubborn demand huge, yulong clothing research and development center for clothing and leather goods, jewelry trade platform. For clothing enterprises to provide design proofing, orders from the market in leather goods, jewelry and other businesses, supplies, clothing enterprises tie-in dress series sales. The combination, mutually beneficial win-win. Advantages and wide prospect of one-stop shopping to meet visitors yulong small commodity wholesale market, one to the third floor is a set of underwear, cosmetics, embroidery, high-quality goods, bags leather goods, household items, bedding kimono accessories (assembly Act the role ofing is tasted, belts) Categories, such as large-scale commodity professional wholesale market. Operating area of 20000 square meters, tens of thousands of kinds of merchandise, gathered from yiwu, fujian, wenzhou and other places the nearly thousand of merchants, is currently the dongguan scale, variety complete, affordable professional small commodity wholesale market. Yulong small commodity wholesale market in the process of our development throughout all over the commodity industry, combined with market characteristics. Constantly adjust, increase market merchants business category. And organize many merchants to visit around, purchasing, and to strive for one class representative, to expand the supply of goods. Market focus on the types of products, novel style, really did set the advantages, lead the fashion trend. For the majority of customers is very convenient. Yulong small commodity wholesale market in the pearl river delta of small commodities wholesale business in the advantage position, in humen enrich, extend the humen clothing industry chain, to provide customers one-stop shopping, convenient and fast shopping channel.
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