Guangdong province dongguan shilong hon arrow mouths, clothing wholesale market clothing wholesale city

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-09
Arrows mouths clothing wholesale city by the original hong leong industrial company formation, sample room project is located in shilong town lake the raccoon dragon road and west lake road interchange, covers an area of 6000 square meters, a total construction area of 12300 square meters, a total of 4 layers, total about 600 bunks. Mouths investment co. , LTD. , determined to make it in dongguan shilong clothing wholesale, 'the first city', stores unified USES high-grade decoration, configuration of central air conditioning, in a department store decoration standard external facade and interior renovation, hire a professional business management consultancy, the entire property management, 24 hours to make it shilong first focus on property management, unified management of clothing wholesale market, make business with the feeling of the shoppers in the mall to do wholesale business. Hon arrow mouths clothing wholesale city are grand investment, is expected to officially opened on March 1, 2007. Hon arrow mouths got shilong town, dongguan city, the development and construction of leaders at all levels of support, this project is highly shilong town party committee, the leaders, said hong arrow mouths clothing wholesale city in accordance with, the development strategy of 'commerce' dongguan shilong town, conform to the overall planning of business, it is completed, will further promote the development of shilong town business pillar industries. Hon arrow mouths clothing wholesale city close to packed car passenger depot, with a strong customers support and radiation ability. Wholesale city with location advantages, therefore, is committed to building shilong fashion clothing wholesale, 'the first city'. Mouths clothing wholesale, configuration of central air conditioning, with high decoration, a handrail elevator, vertically into the goods elevator, southeast of the northwest four entrances and exits. Garment city covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, operating area of 13000 square meters, four levels of business space. Shilong town, at present already have bonhams road and west lake two clothing wholesale market, at the same time in the lake, hon arrows mouths clothing wholesale city in China merchants, and other projects. Now around stone row, tea and other shilong town and bo luo, huizhou and other regions of many merchants to take goods shilong, clothing wholesale industry base is good. In dongguan city, 'one main eight vice' commercial pattern, shilong is one of the eight vice center of dongguan, dongguan new northern district center of city planning, set up a file in the dongguan economic development has an important position. Shilong district advantage obviously, dongguan, guangzhou, huizhou three major economic center of radiation, since the late Ming dynasty have been famous commercial port in guangdong province, business prosperity, business and industry, shilong town such as society, economy, driving the development in an all-round way. In business, especially in hardware, electronics, clothing, and other professional market, shilong is in addition to humen, dongguan city, a professional clothing wholesale center. Hon arrow mouths arises at the historic moment, clothing wholesale city was born. Bus line, bus quick line 10 bus line 11 to get off to walk 114 meters, the shilong bus passenger stations in shilong road to sankyo seiki walk 249 meters, in 320 standing in the way of the dragon 3 rocks for 4 standing in the way of the dragon dragon standing in the way the dragon 7 village road 1 5 road village 2 tea mountain road 4 road to jin sha wan shopping square walk 268 meters
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