Guangdong province shenzhen century plaza ( FengYing century square)

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-06
Shenzhen century square south oil is a clothing wholesale city, in shenzhen south oil (full name FengYing century plaza, East coast Lucy) 。 Has now formed a clothing business circle, usually called nanshan, century plaza, business circle, or south oil clothing business circle. Shenzhen century plaza, sha-lu mainly to foreign trade in high-end fashion, the country and even the whole Asia's influence is very big to clothing. According to incomplete statistics, shenzhen century square and the surrounding business sha-lu clothing wholesale market, has amounted to 5000, the product category is given priority to with fashion clothing and accessories and leather goods, is the birthplace of shenzhen fashion, high-end products parity shopping paradise. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions in China, the bare around nanshan garment factory industry brings positive effect. Century square since the opening, made thousands of being rich and even billionaire, has certain influence on the clothing e-commerce market also, most of the clothing in shenzhen taobao sellers, most here take the goods, and business success, made a lot of people online entrepreneurial dreams. Century square opening, peripheral also arose many services in the market of logistics company photography, garment factories, garment fabric factory and so on. Shennan oil building near century square. Characteristic is wholesale clothing for top grade, relatively fitted her for the price in the provincial capital of purchasing clothing operator of the city. Century square in the south oil reputation, the largest business is best, in fact, this way the guest wholesale market is relatively stable, clear target market, mainly targeted team, the individual less. General stores tend to give their own team kanban new will come out, the door and have time also to once or twice each month, in order to give priority to, big goods covered, the rest will hang out in the shop downstairs. Bus line, bus: take the bus to the southern checkpoints turn to east coast road in 331, straight 200 meters underground, to the MTR station (exit D), straight 200 meters, or platform Tian Sha village in the south trade market, take the bus to get off at the east coast road in straight 200 meters.
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