Guangdong province shenzhen colorful nassim clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-05
Shenzhen colorful nassim clothing wholesale market is the first company in shenzhen different clothing brand focusing on professional channel platform! Starting in late 2006, built in 2007, belongs to the shenzhen nassim ( International) Development investment company, is an independent accounting of the company's wholly owned private joint-stock enterprises. The birth of 'force', not only filled in the shenzhen for a long time without professional brand clothing display the base blank, also ended the brand chain broken ring of regret, but also for the clothing brand agent dealer, alliance business provides a centralized procurement platform, greatly reduce the purchase cost of buyers. At present, the 'force' base has more than 20000 square meters area, can hold different styles of clothing brand once more than 400. To ensure good management benefits in the brand, the base set up a special management team of experienced professional clothing brand. Professional, dedication, integrity, innovation, considerable integration of clothing enterprises in shenzhen city resources, the domestic professional clothing media resources, each big clothing store, such as resources, cooperate, complementary advantages. Launch at the same time, the whole process of the 'brand management center', to 'the introduction of the door, rotary launched, send a ride', wholeheartedly serve all in 'tiger' brand clothing enterprises, with down-to-earth style of work, to better interpret 'clothing, see shenzhen; Choose the brand, to 'force' the industry consensus. Shenzhen clothing especially ladies with big volume, complete varieties, new style, good fabrics, fine workmanship and excellent quality gradually formed his own style, women's, men's clothing, children's clothing, accessories are on the ground floor shops, women's, men's clothing on the second floor, children's wear, also has shops, and not and distribution is also very mess. South oil wholesale market, the dozen wholesale market, basically give priority to with women's clothing, children's wear men's clothing is relatively small, and Thai force of children's clothing had a sense of climate, big and small children's clothing wholesale shop more than a dozen inside. Bus routes: 1. Take bus 74, get off at the south road walk 88 m 2. Take bus 122, 229 road, 233 road, 390 road, 79 road B688 B702 road B727 M241 road M400 M418 road, get off at the east coast road walk 251 meters. 3. Bus 122, 229 road, 233 road, 74 road, 79 road B688 B702 road B727 M241 road M400 M418 road to east coast road, walk 277 meters. 4. Take 113 road, 123 road, 204 road, 226 road, 245 road, 328 road, 329 road, 331 road, 332 road, 390 road, 70 road, 80 road B727 B813 road K105 K113 road K204 M206 road M242 N1 N4 interchange road, airport road line 10 to south oil building walk 307 meters. Take 328 road, 390 road, 70 road, 80 road B813 road to the east of the south China sea shore road walk 336 meters
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