Guangdong province shenzhen haiyan fashion wholesale center

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-05
Shenzhen clothing wholesale market as a whole is scattered, points a few area haiyan clothing wholesale city famous for lo wu haiyan clothing wholesale city and its surrounding areas. The upscale boutique fashion should not know haiyan? Haiyan is purely a women's clothing, no casual jing younger sister, is full of female fashion, there are some accessories and a small amount of shoes, etc. Haiyan wholesale city is located in luohu district guests haiyan buildings, road side door for the entrance, the first floor to the fifth floor for the business space, the overall business area is not large also, old-fashioned type business environment, each layer is small archives mouths, on a small area. Building is very old, operating environment is also very general, but is such a son because a word 'you' has made the tricks! Haiyan is purely a women's clothing, no casual jing younger sister, is full of female fashion, there are some accessories and a small amount of shoes, etc. Haiyan clothing wholesale market in shenzhen earlier years, mostly from Hong Kong or the local production of some of the foreign trade clothing, so are fashionable in style, although the price is relatively high, but because of fashionable, so on the sales profit, or to guarantee. Haiyan is very old-fashioned mall wholesale city environment, it is said that in and around the petrel Oriental, have cost 1500 multivariate autumn outfit, and probably earlier there are many people in Hong Kong clothing wholesale delicate port service related, after all, luohu district, near the port. So gradually formed a high-quality goods of style, not afraid of you, and they were afraid to cargo is bad. Haiyan the goods out after some ten times to scroll up the price. Supply of goods, there are genuine imports, also have out of stock in Hong Kong, there are a small factory to play version compared with manufactured goods. Haiyan wholesale city now have some water, but the overall high-end image or standing, compares the high-quality goods after all worry, both wholesale and retail don't need a lot of popularity, monomer high profit, less is more. Haiyan next door has a nanyang, two markets in the clothing wholesale market can be said to be famous, a because for a long time, another is the wholesale price anomalies is famous for its expensive, both the goods wholesale market is given priority to with fashion or fashion casual wear, are all very tide. Basic summer trousers are around 200, short-sleeved blouse is more than 100, more expensive dress. Of winter coats and so on, a lot of more than 500 yuan. Bus route: take 101 road, 108 road 11 12 road 1 204 215 road 25 interval line 25 road, 302 road, 336 road, 337 road E8 road K204 M290 road N21 N7 N4 interchange road Edison lobao line peak line 25, get off at the guomao road walk 78 meters by 102, 108 road 11 14 road 17 1 road, 205 road, 229 road 2 300 a line road, 306 road, 307 road, 309 road, 351 road, 381 road, 387 road, 82 road B705 M360 road M373 M383 road M402 M403 road M404 M407 road M408 N14 road N15 one-way road N16 N18 road N19 N7 road peak line 25, get off at the Jin Guanghua square, walk 128 meters
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