Guangdong province shenzhen square international clothing wholesale center

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-06
Square international clothing wholesale center is square industrial investment development co. , LTD. , investing heavily in accordance with international design concept of high-profile new, square international clothing wholesale center is located in the nanshan district Ma Jialong industrial park, north ring road and nanshan road interchange, zhongshan park, east the west which the shenzhen high-tech industrial park, north park which the li xiang. Nanshan district is one of the key development area of shenzhen, rich land resources, nanshan people all over the world, with the pace of the rapid development of nanshan, square international clothing wholesale center combining with the existing of nanshan size and influence of the clothing wholesale market, exert its perfect hardware facilities and the advantage of large scale operation site, adhering to the concept of sustainable development. Square international clothing wholesale center has excellent location advantages, the project from north ring road, shennan road, 107 national highway, nanping, nanguang expressway, gs are less than five minutes, let the wealth of the business merchants road unimpeded. Developers capital strength, to build international clothing wholesale brand image in the center of the square. Shenzhen nanshan district foreign trade clothing wholesale center, is a feature of the shenzhen municipal business planning in recent years, according to the report on the work of the government plan of nanshan, parts of nanshan will be the government over the next three to five years into the biggest foreign trade clothing wholesale center in shenzhen. The wholesale center adopts the unified planning, unified management, unified propaganda, unified promotion, new market operation mode, promoting customer first, professional services, business rules, a new central air conditioning system, fire-fighting system, distribution system, communication system, broadband network system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, background music and broadcast system, 8 handrail elevator, 3 lifts for the merchants to lift worries, for merchants to create a safe close some platform. Square international clothing wholesale center, with its 20000 c management area, form a complete set of professional warehousing logistics, more than 300 underground parking, close to 6000 c of the open square and sky garden recreational area, no. 1 in nanshan district dozens of garment city. Throughout the wholesale center in nanshan district, has gathered more than 30 clothing wholesale city, but the positioning of the formats is not very clear. In this regard, square international clothing wholesale center, follow the market rules, special hire specialized research institutions, according to the status quo of natsun garment business structure and in view of the project area, in accordance with the same format of business project, conducted a series of comprehensive market research and analysis; Finally, make sure to high-end foreign trade in the professional market subdivision is namely the boutique wholesale women's clothing for positioning, and other clothing market in shenzhen form complementary effect. All these intentions, preparing, accurate positioning, will let the square international clothing wholesale center in shenzhen foreign trade clothing wholesale market of a country. Square will bring together the international clothing wholesale center in shenzhen and even the entire fashion boutique in the pearl river delta foreign trade dress, with the advantage of shenzhen and surrounding areas for many years in foreign trade garment processing, vlsi, was born, will lead the fashion consumption trend, towards the direction of the landmark in south China foreign trade clothing wholesale mall. Bus routes: 1, chiwan & # 8211; 226 - Xili lake station shekou terminal & # 8211; 332 - SAN tin market ziwei cabinet & # 8212; – 21 - – TongLe Village 2, TongLe Village & # 8211; 22 - Sea world terminus sea world & # 8212; 37 - — TongLe Village Ma Jialong & # 8212; – 93A— – 3, TongLe Village Ma Jialong & # 8212; - B628— - Further down TongLe Village checkpoint & # 8211; 201 - Buji checkpoint ( Get off at the zhongshan park station) 4, buji inspection & # 8211; 356 - Xixiang terminals nanshan district station & # 8211; M209– Reservoir buji checkpoints - iron steel M240 - The hang seng hospital station ( To zhongshan north ring interchange station)
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