Guangdong shaoguan city jinpeng clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-04
Shaoguan jinpeng clothing wholesale market mainly manages the clothing shoes and hats, it is a bigger clothing wholesale market of shaoguan. Guan jinpeng clothing wholesale market by China logistics investment co. , LTD. , was built. Jinpeng clothing clothing wholesale market in second floor: the first floor main: wholesale shoes, leather belt accessories underwear series of small commodities, such as the main business: on the second floor men's agent, men and women to join, including children's clothes. Low and middle men and women clothing, including men's and women's ratio of 1:3, and here is the price of the wholesale prices in general in guangzhou is similar, because near guangzhou, a lot of big shop owner would like to go to guangzhou purchase! Choose room is big, the price a little cheaper, this is tied directly and quantity! Guangzhou were not price also does not have what advantage just style! Shaoguan wholesale market doesn't take goods like guangzhou, take a number of goods in a batch of three pieces, as long as you are a shop, the price will not yell, after all, the two cities more water rarely want to do the business of VIP price! Bus route: take 10 13 road 17 road 1 [21 road Around the eastern] A one-way drive [number 21 Ring the west] One-way road 30 32 road 33 34 a 34 b road 4 road, get off at the million Chinese shopping plaza walk 61 meters to take 10 13 road 17 road 32 road 33 34 a 34 b road 4 road to get off to walk 2 km to the south 229 meters in 21 [ Around the eastern] A one-way drive [number 21 Ring the west] One-way road 30 road to hundred million China wholesale square walk 325 meters
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