Guangxi yulin city leisure clothing city in China is on the rise could usher in a new industry to take off

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-02
Yulin city fu continous administrative zone was established in 1997, is located in the southeast of guangxi, adjacent to the pan-pearl river delta developed region, 200 km away from nanning, capital, 190 kilometers south is a major channel TieShanGang southwest out to sea. Apparel industry is the traditional industry of cotton, has more than 30 years of development. In recent years, the continous administrative zone, with the advantages in the apparel industry, vigorously develop the leisure clothing industry, have issued 'about to speed up the development of garment industry work opinion', such as the development of the garment industry to support and promote policy documents, strengthen policy, service, management, and other soft environment construction; For the Chinese, cotton clothing brand development strategy planning, and strengthen guidance for garment industry, encourage and guide the clothing enterprise take the path of specialization, scale, and brand development; Intensify the building of the park, and strive to the clothing industry development become the industrial concentration degree is high, the main body industry, greater industrial capacity, leading ability obvious industrial park, promote the development of clothing industry cluster; Held 'the cotton clothing culture festival', seminar, competitions, intensify propaganda, establish the cotton clothing brand image, etc. Through a series of planning and strategy, promote the development of the cotton clothing enterprises have farewell cottage industry production, step on the road of the modern industry clothing. The cotton casual clothes at home and abroad market popularity, 2004 by the French media hailed as 'the world of pants', in July 2012 by the Chinese textile industry association, Chinese clothing association named the 'leisure clothing city in China'. At present the continous management area has more than 1600 garment companies, more than 400 supporting enterprises, all for private enterprises, producing clothing 2. 100 million ( Set) , the output value of 4. 7 billion yuan, sales income is 5. 8 billion yuan, the industrial added value 800 million yuan. Annual sales of more than 50 million yuan of about 50 enterprises, annual sales of 1000 - Enterprise has more than 300 50 million yuan, annual sales of 500 - Enterprise has 350 10 million yuan, annual sales of 5 million yuan with 900 enterprises. Formed a clothing production as the core, covering water to wash, embroidery, fabric, accessories production distribution, mechanical distribution, logistics and other related industries supporting the development of the apparel industry chain. Especially in the first half of 2012, prosperous prosperous clothing, Cezanne is beautiful clothing companies such as export right and has $7 million garments, implements the cotton clothing export the breakthrough of 'zero'. After years of rifle continous administrative zone of build and carefully nurtured, the cotton garment industry to realize the sustainable development, the scale has grown, increasing brand awareness. The cotton garment industry has become one of yulin city five industrial clusters, the cotton has become a leisure clothing production base in guangxi and even southwest China. The cotton clothing apparel market occupies a share in all parts of the country, especially in guangzhou shahe market, yulin city industrial products market, peace market of nanning, liuzhou, domestic large-scale clothing wholesale market is like the flying geese market reputation, the products sell well all over the country, exported to southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia and so on more than 30 countries and regions, formed the primary and secondary agents, retail and other relatively perfect sales network. Is building the continous international apparel trade city, covers an area of 430 mu, plans to invest 600 million yuan, a total construction area of 180000 square meters, built in 10000 senior shops, with four areas: clothing exhibit, clothing wholesale district, cloth wholesale area and accessories specializing in area. At the same time supporting construction shopping plaza, hotel and logistics center. , after the completion of the project is expected to realize annual sales clothing 100 million ( Set) 31, sales. Tax 500 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 5000 jobs. At present, the project has been completed investment in 1. 200 million yuan. The first phase construction area of 30000 square meters of area A has been basically completed; The second phase construction area of 100000 square meters of area B is construction, plans to be completed at the end of 2012 to use; Three phase of the construction of next year, the entire project is scheduled to be completed in 2013 before the National Day. All, after the completion of the project will be in guangxi and even of southwest China distribution center for clothing, textiles, accessories and wholesale center. Established in 2005, the blessing of cotton garment industrial zone, covers an area of 11. 74 square kilometers, is divided into three sections, east, south and west by the guangxi autonomous region in 2010 ministry committee identified as class A industrial park of guangxi, the developed area of 3. 13 square kilometers, the total more than 200 enterprises in the park. In 2011 cotton clothing industrial implementation gross value of industrial output 2. 1 billion yuan, industrial added value of 6. 100 million yuan. Is expected to reach 2015 f cotton clothing industrial output value of 5 billion, 2020, 11 billion yuan. F cotton clothing industrial park life form a complete set of service and the cotton new district, main industry guide positioning garment processing industry, and textile used for garment processing, packaging, make line, computer embroidery, such as bleaching auxiliary industry.
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