Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market chang gang road tail goods wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-12
Chang gang road tail goods wholesale market is the second largest clothing tail goods wholesale markets in guangdong women's more, the price is very cheap, like a normal denim trousers 20, 12, pants in 10, shorts are typically 10 things up. Can two up some tail goods. Chang post archives mouths are usually open at 9 am to 6 PM, traffic was not as scary as shahe, 13 line, so he went to the goods will be easily a lot of, can find slowly. Chang hillock change quickly, archives mouths in the amplification and decorate, chang of goods, quality is also very miscellaneous, usually hang tail goods at reasonable, shahe tail goods quality must be no good! ! ! The goods and other channels to come late. Chang gang is given priority to with tail goods, but the Lord himself in the production of goods is also. Go and play in the prosperous post goods are: retailers, street vendor, primary, secondary and tertiary wholesalers, throughout the country, often can see the foreigner for goods over there. Guangzhou tail goods clothing wholesale market is one of chang of the tail goods market, in zhuhai, do the subway directly to chang work station can be both. Chang gang tail goods market is a composed of a small workshops, many small alley, alley inside round of all is to do wholesale. If afraid of couldn't find, with carrying bag, basic can find a place to pull the cart of the MM. Tell me about the goods first, literally picked a cotton-padded clothes ask price, the boss was asked about the & # 8217; Buy one, or taking goods ', can't help but think that there will be on this to buy clothes? Ha ha, may still be some ~ ~ ~ ~ or others also won't ask ah ~ at 13 lines of goods, less positive valence is 80, 35 here, or a good number! ! Leggings price is in commonly 10 - Between 25, sweater is 10 - Between 25, but occasionally can see the ground have the price more than imagine, miscellaneous section 2 yuan a, 1 yuan a. Ha ha, this is in to buy clothes? A little cabbage price. But the tail goods is there according to jin said. But I have not had tried to. A friend asked me to help him to examine tail goods market! Next day straight at chang guangdong post road's second-biggest clothing tail goods wholesale market, integral feeling is good, but a market is relatively hidden, o & # 8230; After all, is the tail goods. For clothes and design requirements of high quality net friend, who may be trivial things! But for the net friend like tao, that is, 'hill, with eyes still can panned out a few drops in the sand! Shopping for a long time & # 8230; Find the boss here is mostly maoming area so the & # 8230; 。 。 Many times their own said is used & # 8230; 。 。 With the leizhou accent & # 8230; 。 Women's clothing, carefully pick a lot of good things, the price is very cheap, of course if you want to the number of multipoint still can bargain, something very miscellaneous, don't be so quick to go through a few street, general a place where many people around is likely to be the owner to get the good end of low-cost goods. Everyone in the around tao! I took more than a dozen card, by the way, but it can be noticed. ,… Each card in addition to the standard name address telephone & # 8230; 。 Will also illustrate the & # 8230; 。 。 Acquisition of tail cargo clearance goods! Bus line: if you take the subway, bus routes to Jiang Naxi subway station: 44, 69, 70, 197, 206, 221, 222, 226 to sino plaza ( Chang gang road) standing
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