Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market days foreign trade clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-15
Guangzhou grace foreign trade clothing wholesale market is a foreign trade clothing, shoes, sports series mainly trade procurement market. Wide market is located in guangzhou city park west road no. 83, in the west, white, red, wantong, the land of Canaan, royal dragon to the center of the dozens of professional clothing wholesale market. Convenient transportation. The market covers an area of 760 m2, building area of 2900 m2, has a parking lot, elevator, central air conditioning, security monitoring system and well-trained team, phone in the market, the broadband household. Product design is complete, the variety. Especially the foreign merchant after a lot of to have the strength, but also attracted the procurement team from the United States, Africa, transactions in hundreds of millions of dollars. Grace foreign trade export trade city, garment city, grace is the grace of the property management co. , LTD, specializes in import and export of clothing, footwear, bags of two wholesale field. Market there are more than 600 shops, office building, the elevator, central air-conditioning and other supporting facilities, has disciplined security team and advanced security systems, a medium-sized parking lot for merchants. Grace foreign trade clothing wholesale market is located in guangzhou city park west road 83 - No. 89 ( Near the train station) , in the west, white, red, wantong, Canaan, royal dragon and other dozens of the center of the professional clothing wholesale market. Near the huanshi road, guanghua road, northing new, four-way traffic eight bada. Bus line: 111, 175 road, 179 road, 189 road, 198 road, 225 road, 241 road, 268 road, 274 road, 291 A, 291 B, 291 A 291 short-term B short 301, 46 bridge express road, 480 road, 486 road 523 DaLang bus 523 road, 524 road, 530 road, 538 road 5 7 road, 803 road, 83 road
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