Guangzhou city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market in the international fashion city red

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-10
Red across the international fashion city is located in the guangzhou railway station, liuhua prime locations, business area of 60000 square meters. International fashion city gathered from red pan pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region, and even all over the country and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States and other places of clothing manufacturers, more than 1800 existing businesses, is a spot of high-grade fashion brand clothing and jewelry wholesale center, clothing brand chain and fashion exhibition center. International fashion city red, not only became the national active clothing for the center, and become important bases around the export southeast Asia, Europe, America, Asia, clothing market famous brand assemble, boutique as a cloud, is full of material desires the trend of the holy land. With the fashion, elegant and comfortable shopping environment, using the unique operating technique, international fashion city red gradually wins the recognition of the merchants, wholesalers and consumers. Merchants from garment industry experience, strong, can reflect the market trend in a short time, clothing styles reflect changes fast, fast, able to adapt to the demand of the market, is the larger scale, the management of high-grade clothing, jewelry, all varieties, one of the manufacturers focus on clothing wholesale market. More to Miss Qute, INK, JS international and domestic well-known brands such as a strong presence, and represented by the backstreet boys, heterosexual clothing brand in the future development of the international fashion city red has injected new vitality. Guangzhou international fashion city red with the merchant for this, quality win merchant satisfaction, integrity casting enterprise image management concept as a corporate strategy, with the deep understanding of the professional clothing wholesale market in guangzhou, red international fashion city to build a professional management team, have a first-class management system, first-class professionals, first-class project experience, carefully build labor-intensive enterprises, cherish the trust of the merchants, with a positive mentality of enthusiasm to meet the demand of field the merchant service, the sincere service and customer acclaim as a solid foundation, the company development in the continuous improvement. Building field since 1993, under the arrangement of the corporation, the market according to the instruction from the provinces, municipalities and deployment, and liuhua in yuexiu district public security bureau police station of specific guidance and help, the market for the purpose of 'serving the masses', in the hope of creating a law-abiding, fair trade, civilized business, operation and a beautiful environment, good order, safe and modern shopping malls as the goal, set up a variety of management team, grasp the establishment of the various system. After more than three years of study, improve and rectify, perfect, each work has obtained certain achievements, in 1996 by industrial and commercial bureau of guangdong province in 1995 ~ 1996 annual 'provincial civilized market', in 1997, the college of guangzhou city industrial and commercial bureau awarded 'civilized market' for 1996 ~ 1997. Guangzhou international fashion city is located in guangzhou city red clothing wholesale market of the center of the 'golden triangle', south mall, tianma charming building, east of liuhua clothing square, golden horse clothing center, the front of the guangzhou railway station, bus station back to guangzhou. Bus route: 5,7,15, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 52, 180, 201, 202, 203, 205, 207, 210, 211, 260, 261, 256, 518, 552, 556, 543, 823 in the provincial bus station or the guangzhou railway station
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