Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market in the white horse clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-11
Guangzhou white horse clothing market is developed by guangzhou city construction group investment and construction, the market is located in the adjacent to the guangzhou railway station south Station Road, is located in yuexiu district south road no. 16. There is a lot of a few words; 'Guangzhou white horse clothing market' and 'white horse building clothing the world'. Here transportation is convenient. Existing building area of 60000 square meters, a total of 10 layers, four layers mall, 5 layers of office building, 1 layer of underground parking garage. Guangzhou white horse clothing market set up in 1993, from guangzhou white horse clothing market management co. , LTD. Guangzhou white horse clothing market in guangzhou is the size, decorate good, complete infrastructure, management norms, large volume of high-grade clothing market. Clothing wholesale market began to sprout in the 1980 s, spreading type, DaPengShi wholesale market form, the west lake in guangzhou night market, chrysanthemum night market is particularly busy, etc. In January 1993, the guangzhou white horse clothing wholesale market, is the guangzhou region scale, facilities perfect professional clothing wholesale market, liuhua district has become the domestic clothing wholesale industry concentration degree is high, large wholesale trading market. White horse clothing wholesale market, is guangzhou clothing wholesalers, mostly in the mature women's clothing, high price for similar clothing wholesale market, to mature with style, fashion design also many, domestic there are a lot of women's clothing brand from here started to monopoly, so want to find a high quality of dress can come to visit white horse clothing wholesale market. Among them the first floor, on the fourth floor, fifth floor of the women's style and quality are good, the price is higher, are mostly large famous, quality is good, part of women's wear is also very delicate and fashion style, most of them are manufacturer engaged in office with total wholesale, and on the second floor, three if the original poster produced some small workshops, and white clothing wholesale market underground 'west effect mall' is mainly to do panty with small unlined upper garment, grade is much lower, style, but wins in the popular style, sales of big, if the original poster in high-grade men's wear. In the market operation of the establishment of more than 2000 households, both the pearl river delta, zhejiang, fujian and even clothing enterprises throughout the country, there are Hong Kong, Taiwan manufacturers. White horse clothing market spot is medium and high-end clothing wholesale, retail center, is also a clothing brand franchise center. Wholesale and retail, see sample orders, monopoly agents, franchise chain trade a variety of ways to choose from. Women's, men's wear, suits, evening wear, casual wear, tang suit, shirt, jacket, coat, underwear & # 8230; The variety is complete. Since the start of clothing market, market constantly enhance its capability of radiation. Merchants in heilongjiang, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and other places of the country 30 provinces and municipalities and autonomous regions. Radiating surface is diffuse across the border to the international direct on five continents, average daily traffic amount to tens of thousands of people, the annual turnover in 2 billion yuan of above, in the guangzhou area exceeds one hundred million yuan market ranked first in the competition. Baima company plans to build a 'white horse clothing apparel industrial park', attracting garment factory in guangdong province and even the whole country, and as the backing, built office fashion design exhibition, trade, logistics, warehousing, catering entertainment, talent training, financial services and a series of link of industry chain, improve efficiency and the scale effect of garment industry cluster in guangzhou region, make full use of the clothing manufacturing and interactive relationship of circulation industry, use of campus resources agglomeration advantages clothing brand, clothing brands take advantage of market promotion. At the same time, the white horse company will also actively involved in the clothing retail trade, is now trying to organize a group of good growth, the development potential of the clothing brand clothing trade business, retail agents, custody, as well as through the form of 'reserved area' charming, gradually in cities at all levels have set up business outlets, eventually become a clothing retail service, at the same time help the brand clothing enterprises to broaden business channels, to achieve the brand expansion strategy. In addition, in order to conform to the development direction of modern circulation industry, a white horse clothing wholesale market will develop 'white horse' online e-commerce platform, through the integration of the 'white horse' of the existing brand advantage, to provide customers with a broader, quick, convenient and efficient service platform, to help clients improve business performance, expanding the area of brand development. Market advantage: has a favorable geographical position, in the railway station, the transportation convenience, the stream. In addition, the white horse clothing market has basically have formed around the clothing industry chain, have scale advantages, like foreign trade clothing wholesale station west, underwear wholesale Jin Xiang, and surrounding and one red horse clothing market. And unique advantage, it is a white horse clothing wholesale market main high-grade ladies, costume design and workmanship are delicate and fashion, and 13 main low-standard ladies wholesale clothing wholesale market, shahe clothing wholesale market with cheap men's, women's, children's clothes, jeans wholesale primarily, market positioning, advantage is different, of course. Bus routes: 1. From guangzhou walk about 80 meters to the train station guangzhou station sit 271 road (railway station 15 stops) Under the liuhua station terminus. Walk about 280 meters south Station Road, White horse costume city) Station. 2. The train from guangzhou east station for about 20 meters to the guangzhou subway station G1 gateway (take the subway # 1 7 stops) Change it to the metro subway line 2 ( 3 stops) Guangzhou railway station under the D4 inward and outward to the subway. Walk about 260 meters south Station Road, White horse costume city) Station.
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