Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market Jin Longpan area C clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-08
Jin Longpan area C clothing wholesale market for nearly 3 years of clothing wholesale and retail distribution center, mainly engaged in foreign trade clothing wholesale, in this market together leisure clothing, fashion clothing, children's wear, cowboy clothing, leather goods, shoes industry hundreds of merchants. Jin Longpan is set sales, warehousing, cargo distribution as one of the necessary functions, peripheral business circle with clothing, leather goods wholesale market, the transportation is convenient. Is located in the three yuan in the business circle, business circle with surrounding clothing, leather goods wholesale market, convenient transportation, take the goods by car to the subway station C2 in ternary gateway is 8 meters. Foreign trade tail cargo inside a lot of this market, design also is very good. Take the foreign trade tail goods to this market is a good choice, with foreign trade tail goods, should be cleaned out slowly to find good goods. Tail goods market, is like this, Jin Longpan area C clothing wholesale market is near the royal dragon foreign trade clothing wholesale market, is a very good foreign trade tail goods market. Address: guangdong province three yuan in guangzhou baiyun district road 361 - No. 363 bus routes: the three yuan in subway station C2 drive to center of foreign trade clothing Jin Longpan area C line 5. 1 km - about 11 minutes from the fuqian road towards the direction, to the auspicious road 64 m 2. In turn 1 to the right, the auspicious road March 3 250 meters. In turn 1 to the right, marching towards the park road 4 210 metres. Turn right on the new road 260 meters. Turn left at the fuqian road 120 m 6. Turn right at the liberation of north road to 1. 7 2 kilometers. Slightly to the right, along the liberation of north road March 1. 2 km 8. Walk on the left side of the ramp, walk three avenue 1 yuan. 9 2 kilometers. Continue to go straight along the three yuan avenue 10 350 metres. Turn left on the ramp to three yuan road 30 meters in 11. In the three yuan avenue turn left 160 meters
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