Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market liuhua clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-11
Guangzhou liuhua clothing wholesale market is located in guangzhou liuhua hotel tower, adjacent to guangzhou train station, province automobile passenger depot, the traffic is very convenient, is connected to the Chinese export commodities fair, the recreation fashion world and the white horse, and many other the only golden channel between clothing wholesale market. Wholesale market in the area of 15000 square meters. In the 90 s, was more than guangzhou advanced equipment, complete, perfect supporting services clothing wholesale market. Development up to now, has become an important hub of the national clothing wholesale, many parts of the country and many countries in the world clothing wholesale channels mostly from this place, become a fashion retail, wholesale, e-commerce, clothing display one of the important collection and distribution center of the country. Liuhua wholesale markets opened in 1996. After years of groping, and found a suitable for their own development path, that is foreign trade internationalization strategic route, and in 2002 on the right track, dislocation of the gradually established its own competitive advantage. These advantages generally there are a few points: advantageous geographical location, product quality and cheap, the variety and rich resources of buyers, and convenient logistics service. Liuhua wholesale market goods mainly casual wear, the product mainly comes from guangdong, zhejiang, fujian and other regions, large selection of goods. Liuhua markets around the world, the competitive advantage in international trade chain, created a new land. Is the white tower after its counterpart. Market area of more than 15000 square meters, over 1000, has more than 1500 square meters used for loading and unloading cargo and parking, two-way hand-held elevator pit supporting Taiwan 9, article 8 foot ladder, equipped with 90 s advanced dual-use goods elevator and multiple rest hall, a large area of fast-food restaurants, Banks, business center, information center, office buildings are under construction. Guangzhou liuhua clothing wholesale market is guangzhou supporting services in the 90 s the perfect clothing wholesale market. Today, the business model is quietly shift: guangzhou liuhua clothing business district formed a certain scale, but it represents a trend: that is, from 'clothing manufacturers - — — Wholesale market - — — Clothing store - — — Traditional clothing commercial form of consumers 'to manufacturers - — — Store or e-commerce platform - — — Consumers 'modern sales model. And, more and more merchants begin to build the brand clothing stores, specialty stores blossom in domestic cities. Guangzhou liuhua clothing wholesale market management brand clothing wholesale various size, high low, men's wear women's clothing, supply adequate, the market is located in guangzhou liuhua hotel tower, adjacent to guangzhou, the train station, province bus passenger stations around the country roads, railways and air cargo shipping station, traffic is extremely convenient, is also the Chinese export commodities fair and many clothing wholesale market, the only gold channel between she is clothing merchants all over the country's main staging area in guangzhou. Guangzhou liuhua clothing wholesale market in guangzhou is the only one adjust measures to local conditions, has its own characteristics, and at the same time have four directions as the gateway between east and west, south and north of the market. Unique design, scientific field channel layout, fully ensure the stadium crowd shunt flow, each store can become gold shops and ensure that guest. Bus route: railway station bus lines: 5, 7, etc can by bus
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