Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market manka clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-05
Guangzhou dominated the manka clothing wholesale square at the center of guangzhou shahe clothing wholesale business circle, is home to a large professional clothing wholesale market, is a professional cowboy clothing distribution center in south China, each year from domestic and clothing wholesalers from all over the world millions of people. Manka clothing wholesale square was founded in 1996, locates the geographical position is superior, the traffic freight transport is very convenient, after 10 years of expansion, up for re-election, integration, today has become a favored by merchants acclaimed collection of passenger flow, logistics, information flow at a new type of clothing wholesale market. Manka clothing wholesale square business area of more than 50000 square meters, more than 1200 between compound shops, more than 400 multi-function business office building, 8000 square meters of large parking lot, within the manka clothing wholesale square is equipped with a professional shipping company and set up cargo handling area for merchants to provide quality and efficient goods traffic service. Market the first floor shops are all double layer structure, 2 compartment is reasonable. Wide square channel, layout and clear. First mainly business trousers, sportswear and fashion underwear series is given priority to, this is very large scale of cowboy clothing wholesale, PiFaLiang for the nation. Business district is located in the market of the second and third layer, the fusion of Chinese and western architectural decoration design art essence, transparent and bright, eye shot is open, the liner to the hundreds of highly personalized decoration business office, for the involved in purchasing negotiation to merchants created a comfortable pleasure of business operating environment, businesses can also at the scene to see sample orders, the spot wholesale, so freight, online information exchange, e-commerce activities, such as electronic banking transactions. The progress of modern science and technology and development to manka clothing wholesale square quickly into the modern commercial market, with optical fiber broadband Internet connectivity, security of smart closed-circuit television (CCTV) protection system, fully apply intelligent to merchants of business activities and market management humanized service work. Opening for a decade, the managers of the manka clothing wholesale square has been under 'to the efficient and high quality service management and good business environment to give back to merchant' the service objective, constantly optimize the business structure, perfect service management system, wholeheartedly for the majority of clothing businesses and enterprises to provide the good development condition. Manka clothing wholesale square inoculation and promoted many domestic famous brand clothing stores in the growing. Opening for 11 years, manka clothing wholesale plaza hold ride 'to the professional management level to create high quality business environment feedback merchants' service tenet, constantly optimize the business structure, strengthening brand awareness, improve the service management system, wholeheartedly for the majority of merchants and enterprises provide a good space for development and the environment, since 2001, has six consecutive years won the manka clothing wholesale square guangzhou city administration for industry and commerce credit enterprise 'by' the glorious title, it also represents the manka clothing wholesale square in good faith, also make the manka clothing wholesale square gradually become the clothing wholesale square in general merchants mind. Manka clothing wholesale advantage of the square, is that it can accurately grasp the pulse of the market development, management work close to owner, close to the demand of the market, vigorously cooperate with merchants, promoting market prosperity and the embodiment of the creation, integration, and hard struggle. Look to the future, will continue to improve the scientific manka clothing wholesale square of market management, and constantly optimize the environment of market management, collection efforts towards clothing wholesale development direction and the spread of costume culture of modern international new heights of professional clothing wholesale market is rising. Bus route: 11, 201, 219, 236, 112, 246 and 60, 65, 833, 84 - a 84 auxiliary 4, 85, 862 a, 862 b university town line 27 night 14 night May 11, 201, 219, 236, 290, 535 60, 65 auxiliary 84 a, 84, 84, 84, 85, 862 a, 862 b, 883 in the city line 4 night 14 night 5 shahe street station
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