Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market of Canaan foreign trade clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-09
Guangzhou Canaan foreign trade garment city is 'in Africa and the Middle East trade association member unit', officially opened in May 2003. For more than three years, the growing trade relationship with China and African countries, the land of Canaan foreign trade garment city rapid rise, become the foreign trade clothing market the leading enterprise in guangzhou region. Is located in guangzhou city bustling Station Road, zhanxi road apparel trade market in prime locations. Canaan foreign trade clothing by the door in the left after the loop entrances and exits, right even north ring highway entrances and exits, the railway station, province bus station, guangzhou baiyun airport, convenient road, traffic is very convenient, unique geographical position, is paved with clothing trade. Canaan foreign trade garment city is located in guangzhou city park west road 94 - No. 122, covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, more than 3000 square meters of form a complete set of parking lots and warehouses. The commercial property is located in the corner, the middle city, not even after the shop, after the completion of development and utilization of waste for more than a decade has not been. Canaan foreign trade garment city developer guangzhou Canaan trade co. , LTD. , an eye, with its strong economic strength and human resources, China's trade with Africa, the Middle East, exp huge opportunity in clothing market, unique and built Canaan foreign trade garment city development. Canaan foreign trade garment city in the Middle East and Africa customers demand characteristics of quality and cheap clothing, to guide the market merchants from domestic clothing manufacturer to a large number of purchasing inventory and intending to clothing to the market management, these prices below cost immediately attracted the attention of many foreign customers, and after the goods arrived in Africa is very popular, make money effect to attract more foreign investors to purchase 'Canaan'. Like a cloud to, goods such as rotation, Canaan foreign trade garment city business is thriving, screen. With the soaring of trade volume, the price of clothing is becoming more and more high, foreign demand for clothing is also constantly improving, more and more foreign slowly turned to placing orders, so there are more and more clothing manufacturers to 'Canaan', constantly improve the level of foreign trade clothing and specifications. Now, the land of Canaan foreign trade garment city crowded, every day there are thousands of foreign purchasing on site, place oneself among them, as if place oneself china-africa trade fair whose curtain will never fall. Bus route: take 7 46 46 a road, 175 road, 179 road, 189 road, 198 road, 241 road, 274 road, 291 road 291 a 530 road 803 lulu station or bus to Wang Shengtang YaoTai station
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