Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market r&f children's world

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-14
R&f children's world major children's clothing wholesale mall fuli square is located in the guangzhou zhongshan eight-way commercial podium building, focus on a wide range of the children's clothing brands and manufacturers, the transportation is convenient, Chen clan academy station of metro line 1 or line 5 zhongshan eight-way station, and more than 10 bus lines can be reached. Has nearly 500 units, is a collection of children's clothes, the penetration supplies, children's supplies is a body comprehensive children's clothing market, the scale and grade is a unique leader in the same market in the country. R&f children's world is the organic combination of production and marketing, the characteristics of public children's clothing products more than 80% from guangzhou and surrounding areas families children's clothing production enterprise, reduce the middle circulation, low prices, new style, different age groups of children and children's clothes of different season from soup to nuts, children's clothing styles up to more than 700 kinds of quarterly, product radiation at home and abroad. R&f children's world, is the level of large children's clothing wholesale market in south China, the building area of more than 20000 square meters, the unique design of vertical building three floors on the ground, underground, nearly 500 units, size large. First city children's clothes shops, children's world on the second floor, third floor parent-child world heaven and earth, the negative a layer of children's clothing, all kinds of products. Stores the broad square outside, stately, is all kinds of children's wear brand to carry out the campaign of a better place. Grade fashionable indoor hollow square, build a comfortable purchasing environment of replenish onr's stock, with 10 high-speed hand-held elevator and 5 goods elevator, convenient for guests to provide the perfect. Each layer has a stage and broad channel, let the purchase environment unimpeded. The berth of fine decoration, special glass door sill show exquisite, detail place, everywhere reveal planning, humanization and advancement. Advanced intelligent management operations, such as the construction industry sites, security monitoring systems, high-resolution display. In terms of the current children's wear industry, the national professional children's clothing market type very much, but high grade, only a few large, far-reaching, r&f children's world, changed the structure with original market. Today, genet, 2000, a superior haney paradise, superman, TongXin, crayon small new children's clothing and other well-known brand already are fuli children into the world, its a good momentum of development. Under the optimal management of r&f, r&f children's world in the future, it would be on the children's clothing professional market of south China representative! Looking forward to the future, r&f children's world, that is leading the development of children's clothing market of southern China, children's clothing professional market from then on into the brand era. About r&f the one who is, won't strange, old city west, li wan district, must be r&f 'lucky'. Today, known as the 'real estate comprehensive strength ranks the first in China' real estate company - R&f properties, it is from here in the west of the old pieces of DE in the old factory building. Fuli square is r&f lay the status of an iconic project. Fuli square as the skirt building, commercial property r&f children's world is r&f began to start doing business the first 'trump card'. 'Because of li wan commercial atmosphere. Xiguan old liwan district 'street shop business is very developed, precipitated by the western culture is very thick. Characteristics of the liwan district is a business that the professional market rows into city '. R&f children's world kingdom of wealth, is to open a flower on the old business circle. If there is no such soil, no such a flower. Bus route: take bus 105, 123 road, 176 road, 208 road, 209 road, 236 road, 270 road, 275 road, 538 road, 71 road, 82 road 9 night night night 37 road 33 69 road off to the li wan lake park Simon walk 151 meters
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