Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market south day, children's clothing trade city

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-15
Guangdong southern large-scale children's clothing penetration supplies trade city, three building bridge is linked together, central air conditioning, large generators, automatic fire control system, hand-held elevator, goods elevator, such as freight station, warehouse, parking lot, and has complete market operation and management system, ensure good management order and customer property safety. Variety complete, affordable, full of fashionable and fabulous penetration supplies trade city occupied the south day back seat on the second floor. Customers with hand-held elevator slowly rise, jump into the encounter is a variety of novel and wonderful quality penetration supplies, all kinds of baby bag, maternity clothes, shoes and hats, towels, milk, tub, urine mat, stroller, children's bed, children's toys, to find, are popular with young mother. Nantian commercial city, adjacent to foshan station, south meets the scenery beautiful li wan lake park, west near the pearl river bridge, inner loop import and export, north zhongshan eight-way large tram, bus terminus. Convenient transportation network. South south day, children's clothing trade city and square on the fourth floor is an organic whole repeatedly senior children's wear display, each other, complement each other, composed of extremely large scale of children's clothes market in Asia. Zhongshan eight-way south day trade city is a good place for children to buy children's clothing, gathered here the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan production of trendy style of children's clothes, listed more than hundreds of thousands of years. All kinds of brand design is unique, quality materials, exquisite workmanship, fashionable. Among them 'the frog prince' was chosen as one of the 1999 China top ten children's wear brand, 'force' and 'bear' coke 'jin valley', 'ba bao kai DE', 'card Sally Monroe', 'little bull' brand are renowned at home and abroad, the southern city of merchants throughout the country and the world on five continents. Customers both at home and abroad in order to facilitate timely grasp the new trend of development of children's wear industry, understand the market information, to facilitate operators for online sales, build large south day trade city in the international Internet 'children's clothing online mall', gathered in guangzhou, foshan, dongguan, such as the floor manufacturer of children's clothing products, to the masses of customers at home and abroad. Busline: tourist bus line 1 night 2 road tourist bus 2 line 8 9 road night no. 11 19 25 road night 27 night 31 34 road night 37 road 52 61 road, 71 road, 74 road, 85 road, 104 road, 105 road, 107 road, 109 road, 123 road, 124 road, 128 road, 132 road, 133 road, 176 road, 193 road, 196 road, 204 road, 205 road, 207 road, 208 road, 231 road, 233 road, 236 road, 705 road, 250 road, 256 road, 260 road, 261 road, 270 road, 275 road, 286 road, 538 road, 555 road, 832 road, 885 road night 44 82 road, 413 road, 209 road night night 20 road 33 55 415 road, 839 road peak express 3 55 wanke seasons huacheng bus to foshan first 3 line fo 279 road subway line 5 holidays bus line 3 ( Stop operation) 17 short night night 58 59 road road night 6 business line 4 17 road 39 peak peak express fast line 37 212 road night 69 peak peak express 46 night 78 road express 57
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