Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market station west clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-10
Station west clothing market ( Zhuo beauty clothing wholesale market) Adjacent to guangzhou train station, province bus station, located in the emerging within the clothing distribution center of zhanxi road, with a large number of passenger flow and convenient traffic, in the national clothing wholesale plays a pivotal role. In the sections of clothing stores, especially in the station west clothing market and zhuo beauty clothing wholesale market scale and passenger flow. Station west clothing market has several hundred performance standard bean, customer base large well-known manufacturers. The store set several large clothing stores and office buildings, most of the shops are factory direct sale and production of world famous brand of clothing technology and ability, attracted from all over the world, North America, Africa, Japan, South Korea, eastern Europe, west Asia customers. Guangzhou station located at zhanxi road west clothing wholesale city, in the north of province automobile passenger depot, the guangzhou railway station in the south, in the main business, cheap clothing wholesale and retail. The store service facilities. Market is to strengthen the construction of hard and software, for the admission of clients to create a stable and comfortable business and shopping environment. Central air conditioning, elevators, check in station, large parking lot. The transportation is convenient, for Banks, postal service, communication and other advantages. Fire control system and security system within the market gradually strengthened, in order to ensure the security market to provide a strong guarantee. 2 the original poster is to sell women's clothing, is also more tide shops, intermittent and some bags of shops, and act the role ofing is tasted umbrella looks is also very rich. 3rd floor is men's clothing is given priority to, with some young ladies, a little south Korean style, relative is not on the first floor so personality and make public, clothes are a bit more low-key, has been to fashion uprising that site will know, a little close to the building style and fashion uprising, winter there are a lot of coat coat still look good. Standing on the west is a rendezvous for doing foreign trade clothing wholesale market. The place, where are you going to, in a glance, there is a feeling, is more foreigners than Chinese. The clothing wholesale price is relatively high. If you have what I wanted to find some MMGG AF, D& G, Levi's, adidas, Nike, LV, zara, and so on the international famous brands of foreign trade goods, it is right to go there. But, I want to emphasize is that although is foreign trade goods, but what is on behalf of the exports of single well. Why do you say that? 吗? I used to do design, more chance to contact the factory, there are a lot of people ask me, where there is reeves, D& G, LV, adidas, Nike, ZARA the international famous brand goods, in fact, these so-called authentic foreign trade goods are lying on the network. I do the clothing, very clear, an international brand, the raw material control is very strict, products of raw materials, such as clothing fabric, leather shoes, was half a mile after strict calculation is very clear, to produce 1000 pieces, just have 1000 pieces of clothing fabrics. Do you want a little more. Is where come of so many foreign trade tail single? 吗? It can only be pure imitation. Bus line: province railway station bus routes: 5 July 15 29 30 31 33 34 52 180 201 202 203 205 207 210 211 260 261 256 518 552 556 543 823
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